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Those watching say you've got it all figured out, but then...

Have you ever, at some point in time, felt you’re just not good enough? You’re just not doing as you should… You’re not doing enough?

Those watching say you’ve got it all figured out, but then, deep down you know how far you can go, and you feel you’ve not even made half the mark.

How do you deal?


I love Jesus Christ
I believe in he whom I’ve seen not
That is my belief
I choose this belief
That one man took away the sins of all men
My sins
My sins which are because my sin is.
I choose to be accountable to this man
This power
I believe that is my belief


…he’ll cook on our first date; whether he cooks well or not, I don’t care, but it’ll be a plus if he does. There’s so much honour in a man cooking for me [ok… A little exaggeration] The way to a man heart, they say, is via his stomach. Try mine.

‘No Shave November’ just ended. But dude’s keeping that beard all year long, and repeating the cycle each year. Some trimming of the beard, yes, but no shaving. Pogonophile here! [hands up in surrender] One more important detail; the carpet need not match the drapes. Enough said.

White shirts… White shirts… And a whole lot of white shirts. Why? You don’t know why?? Hah! Ok.

It’s highly likely I’ll come up with crazy creative ideas like role playing. It’s more of when and where we’ll be executing those ideas than the actual act.. Wait. Wait. It’s not what you’re thinking. But yes, I’d always wanted to be a flight attendant… There you have it.

Could he even be reading this??

I’m not settling for less. I’m single until I’m married, so I’d rather we date with the longterm plan, or not at all.

Then again, I’m of the thought that all men are NOT the same, literally and figuratively. I’ve had unpleasant past experience, who hasn’t? But then what matters is the now.

WiFi. I need that WiFi like I need food. Well, that didn’t come out like I intended, but you get me anyway. I work on social media so honestly, [coy smiles] I need it.

Ok let’s end it here. I’m a private person. Quite shy too [face buried in palms]