Photograph by Dextdee Photography

I’m here and there with tissue paper under my eyes to soak the tears in case I cry after realizing I was picked by two smart guys.

It happened last night, at Circle, in Accra when I thought, wisely, I’d caught a pickpocket in the act. The victim was obviously unaware, but the thief saw me; I gave him an awkward look. Guess what he said to me, “this is even nothing… Waste of time”. He spoke English, in oversized tattered clothes. Apparently, he got a pack of Mentos Gum with a bundle of keys.

But it was a decoy. I have to admit, that was smart. Impressive. That, on the other hand, made me feel dumb.

Why didn’t I just mind my own business and walk away? I could’ve clearly avoided looking at him and giving him that 5sec awkward look. Did I cause this??

The tissue paper is still dry under my eyes.

Darn! It hurts to lose one’s own item, no matter the magnitude of it.


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