Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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If he’s got the packs, he’s disciplined enough.

Which girl prefers a pot bellied man to a ‘firm-bellied’ one? It’s a matter of preference, isn’t it?

‘Dayum, dude!’, was my first impression at viewing this photo. It’s a good thing to be fit and look healthy, but when the gains begin to show, that gets undeniable attention.

Workout has become a fashion lately. It’s all over social media; how you should lose fat instead of losing the weight, how the white girls are getting the booty from squats and planks, how it looks great rocking a bikini effortlessly because she’s got the packs! Did you see the Victoria Secret Models on the runway recently? Jaw dropping.

It’s sexy.
You’re confident, obviously.
You get the attention.
You can wear anything.
Who wouldn’t want that??

Personally, I enjoy working out and staying fit; I do it when I can, because I want to live long and stay sexy, even more, confident in my own body.

If he’s got the packs, it won’t be boring running those fingers on that belly. Hah!

If he can work it, he can work it out! Mmhhh-hmm.


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