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Growing up, I had no toys, dolls, even teddy bears by my bedside. It wasn’t a big deal because I didn’t watch TV enough to realize other kids owned them.

Since I learned to lay my bed even till now, Mama says, ‘keep your room clean and don’t wear black to sleep, the angels won’t like that’. Surprisingly, I’d been laying white bedsheets till I got my apartment in Accra, Darkuman, very dusty area.

She said I’d to bath before I sleep else the angels won’t come closer.

She said I’d to wear white outfits to sleep for a clean and calm ambience, although I was permitted to wear brighter colours sometimes. I had a lot of white singlets then.

She said I must brush my teeth before going to bed in case I yawn right beside an angel.

Truth was, I believed all that, because Mama said it.

I woke up this morning in a red dress.

  1. Nii Mantse III says:

    We all believed everything mums told us…just because she was mama.

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