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Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

For every period cramps a woman experiences, a man should be kicked in the balls, that  should be fair. It’s fine that Ms Uterus throws temper tantrums when Ms Ovaries decided to lay eggs. But why should I be the one to suffer?

Well, I’m sorry for not getting you pregnant, Ms Uterus.

Why periods? Can’t I just get a notification or sms saying, ‘hey chica, just passing by to make sure you’re good. All clear, see you next month’

Does it have to be violent? Violence is never the answer.

Ok… ok, let’s come to an agreement, all 3 of us. Whatever monthly issues you have with yourselves, leave me out of it. I want my appetite back. You can keep the heavy and tender breasts but take away the pain. You make me feel like Satan’s twin brother’s twisting a two-edged knife inside of me. Are you not a part of me?

  1. soulbase says:

    Hahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha sooowi wai

  2. nii Adjetey obuor says:

    Great piece

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