5 Minutes To Midnight [It’s a Poop Story]

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I thought I was cool until I remembered plants eat the sun and poop out air! I thought I was picky until I saw a dog look for a place to poop.

Maybe I’m cool after all, I poop with style. You Pin while you poop too, don’t you? Facebook? Tweet? Whatsapp? But what if there was no smart phone in our time? Ooouu… Pooping would be 100% boring, doubtlessly.

The plan was just to pee, but then I felt a fart on it’s way, the kind of fart you definitely cannot trust. I was confused: to poop or not to poop, that is the question. It’s 23:55 exactly, and I had no idea what my decision was. I certainly wouldn’t want to be pooping at midnight, that would’ve just been… weird. You’ve got to admit, you feel relieved when you poop. It’s even fun when you’re naked with a book or your phone.

I did it. I finally did it… Flushed the toilet before midnight. I pooped before midnight.

Who says pooping isn’t awesome? Try constipation.

  1. holyholyray says:

    Smh hahhahahahahha loved it because no matter how strange a topic or title is a great writer always makes it splendid. Good job done

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