I Call Vincent, Henry.

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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No one but I call him Henry. It’s fun to spontaneously do little things that leave memorable marks with friends. It spices up the relationship and makes them somewhat special.

The first day I met Vincent, Henry, he had a striking resemblance to another friend, Henry, who also happens to be a photographer. I was flummoxed by the resemblance so much that I kept calling him Henry until he got irritated and realized I wouldn’t stop calling him by that name. “You won’t stop calling me Henry, will you?”


Our friendship isn’t the closest but is that kind of friendship that would never die. I can rely on Henry for constructive criticisms and realistic discussions. We discuss food too.

Henry, I haven’t forgotten about the food date we planned last year. We’ve both gotten busy over the few months but it will definitely happen within the first quarter of 2015. Hit me up when you read this; let’s plan.


  1. Nii Mantse III says:


  2. sebago says:

    this guy go ejaculate this evening…lmaoooo

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