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I am of the opinion that, individuals should not be judgmental of their fellow brethren, for instance a fat girl who wouldn’t lose weight as much as she’s pushed to.

She looks in the mirror and baths her skin, no? Let’s just say she doesn’t like losing; she’s a winner, why lose?



I saw a man in my dream last night; a rather unusual moment for him to have appeared the way he did, considering the plot of the dream.

He had a dimple on his left cheek… God! Is he the one? If it’s him, show me a sign today; on my way back home, let the trotro mate (bus conductor) not request my bus fare. I do have money, but for assurance sake, please?


When certain individuals try to be sarcastic, it’s simply nasty; don’t do it, it’s not necessary, really. The absence of sarcasm doesn’t imply that your level of wit is low.

1. It’s not funny
2. It sounds wrong
3. You’re the only one laughing, and it’ll be awkward having other individuals hear your statement only to wear weird smiles on their faces.

Be original. Sarcasm is not a big deal for everyone. Don’t force it. Don’t try. Leave it for the smart and witty ones. Yes you’re smart, but I’m just saying, sarcasm just doesn’t work for you… Puns, maybe.

So, proofread that tweet or Facebook update before pressing the send button. Think of what you’re about to say before you actually say it. It helps, a whole lot.


Holison Adiku is one of the photographers who captions my soul; that isn’t an exaggeration.

Having experienced him on the job, I’ll conclude undeniably that Holison is one aesthetic and humble individual. He sees the finished product the moment he clicks for that shot.

More importantly, the model’s attitude and mood matters equally to him as his perfect setting. The last previous shoot I captioned The Classic Experience, we had a sweet feast before the shoot because I mentioned I was hungry. That meant a lot to me.

I admire his passion and zeal for the art. He does it so well and I wish everyone else knew him the way I do.

Here are a few shots from The Classic Experience:



IMG-20150216-WA0001Connect to Photographer on — Facebook : Holison Concept  — 500px : Holison Adiku


Albert Smith Jnr is such an interesting character. How many years and counting? And i still don’t know how he puts up with my weirdness and ugly nature. Smart, intelligent, God fearing, wise [often wise] ;D sarcastic, and a sweet sense of humour. That’s a total package to befriend. He’s a gentleman too, highly.

I forgive him for not inviting me to his wedding. Couples forget to invite close friends to their wedding sometimes, especially when they get swamped up in planning for a perfect ceremony… yeah [sigh]

He’s my personal pharmacist. I used to tell him about every medical condition, and most often than not, I need not go directly to the hospital. Supportive in my growth and shaping me to non-judgmental, fun, and a good girl, Mr. Smith owns certain traits that gets my eyes rolling before i realize they are:

  • sometimes when hugging him, ‘that is a TM Lewin, don’t mess it up with your makeup’
  • when i deliberately step on his shoes, he jokingly reacts, ‘my friend… my friend… my friend! Do you know which designer this is?’
  • he can’t stop saying ‘oh I see’ ‘I hear you’, and knowing precisely those bits are my pet peeves, he deliberately says them during conversations

I am aware I cannot send random chats to him anytime I choose to, and that makes me sad. I miss talking to him anytime, sleeping off during a chat and having to apologize when I wake up. I mean, he’s hooked for life now, there has to be a limit somehow.

He used to call me Kiddo and I’ll call him 30 because he remained 30 to me when he turned 30 a couple of years back. I’m no longer a Kiddo [I pray he doesn’t revive this name after reading this].

Although 30 holds certain other behaviours that make me want to punch him in the face, he is an amazing person, and amazing friend, and i miss our friendship. It was fun, it was spontaneous, adventurous too.

At the moment, there is just so much I can reminisce on… so much I could smile about, but this is just to say ‘I miss you’.

I passed by through the mini mart in my hood tonight and smelled you on a certain cute gentleman. I told him he smelled like you and he took my number ;D

Model: Miz Akwele Photograph: Holison Adiku (Holison Concept)

Model: Miz Akwele
Photograph: Holison Adiku (Holison Concept)


I waited 10 days after writing to you to write another. This is different -it’s Valentine’s Day today. Woohoo!

Ok, I’m not particularly excited about it but umm… Yeah. Woohoo!

Did you see my previous letter? Did you read it? Did you even like it? My excitement falls with each question knowing that you probably haven’t heard my name before. Ok, this is somewhat sad, but I want to write to you.

Mr. Dumelo, the thing about Valentine’s Day for the single ones is, we just can’t wait till the day ends. Besides, 24hrs passes fast these days. Some of us would like to render self love with personal treats and getting gifts for ourselves. A friend got herself an iPhone5 last year [oops… Sorry, Ruth]. What did I get for myself? I can’t recall because I’ve had no gift of Val’s Day, ever.

I’m curious to what you’ll be doing today? Coffee in the morning? Jollof for lunch? Dinner with bae? -Well, not that I want to know your relationship status by asking ‘dinner with bae?’ I… I… Look, it’s just a clean question ok? Of course you’re bae-ing! John Dumelo cannot be bae-less.


On the other hand, I’m battling with some annoying cold and muscle aches; walking is anything else but funny, at this point. I’ll get well.

I’m curious to what your taste of gifts may be. Edible stuff? I love edibles butI’ll always take something valuable to cherish for a long time, if not forever.
Wait, don’t read into what I just said. Clear the impression of you getting a gift for me, although it’d be nice if you did.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
You have a cyber-pal, my name is Miz Akwele.

[I have no idea what that word means. Why would I even make up Cyber-pal. Cyber-pal?! Who says Cyber-pal? Hah!]


Umm… I can explain this, it shouldn’t be that difficult…

Just so you know, before I write this letter, you should understand that I was deeply frustrated by ECG’s act last night. Well, technically, I’m still in the darkness and my phone battery is 27%. I’ll make this as swift as I can. I have no idea what I’m about to write to John Dumelo. I’m still trying to figure out why his thought came to mind in my frustrated state last night.

I’ll give it a shot nonetheless.

Hi, Mr. Dumelo,
Sorry about the minor accident you had yesterday. Media said that was an unexpected birthday gift but I think that’s insensitive on their part. Got hurt?
I’m Miz Akwele, a regular Ghana Girl who admires your art, but fascinating enough, I have a friend, Maamle who’s crazy about you; it’s what your voice does to her, your stature, your composure… The way you smile.

Do you like Jollof?

Phone battery 23% and it’s 02:28… Pfft!

So yeah, do you like Jollof? I don’t know what you like and hate, neither am I aware of your pet peeves and bad habits, but I feel you like Jollof. It’s one of your favourite meals, isn’t it?

I tell my friends, Jollof is not just food, Jollof is an art. Art is thought through before delivered; you certainly cannot cook Jollof shabbily. The best of Jollof has been thoroughly thought through before delivered…

You are Jollof. Yes, you.

Forget about Jollof being a meal; Jollof is art. Jollof is whatever you want it to be. If it’s half cooked, looks like Jollof, smells like Jollof but doesn’t taste like Jollof, then it isn’t Jollof. Jollof is simply Jollof. Once again, you are Jollof, unless I got this whole concept wrong.

I think I like you too. I am naturally drawn to tall men who are experts in their crafts. You’re someone I’d like to meet; take a walk with, probably, and satisfy my curiosities with harmless questions.

You’re just nice.

They love you, the girls, how do you deal?

Argh! 15% battery life, and my phone freezes every 10min. Life gets easier. Pfft!!

So, Mr. Dumelo, when do I get the honours to meet you? No, not on Val’s Day, I wouldn’t want you getting the wrong impression about all this. The day or week after Val’s day?

We should take a walk on the beachside, maybe a free road… How would you like it?

Ok, 14% now. Lights off too… Argh!

I should end this.

Best regards.