Lights Off Again

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
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ECG is not worthy of this write-up, why do I even bother?
…but I’m devastated. The country is in a vulnerable state at the moment; everything seems to be going wrong -from a greater percentage of unhappy citizens regarding Mahama’s rule to 24hrs power outage and 12hrs power supply.

It’s insane.

I tried to avoid ranting on social media, putting up updates of my Dumsor statuses. I figured I’d get used to it because eventually I’ll have to; not until tonight.

Hidden in this write-up are unexplained sentiments about Dumsor. I don’t know how it gets to deep under my skin when I’ve experienced it countless times, but it does, every single time!!

I’m glad God didn’t have Dumsor around during the creation period. It would’ve failed God’s command when he said ‘Let there be light’.

This is just wrong.
Annoying. Just annoying.

It’s hot and dark here, in my room, and noisy outside. It’ll get hotter when I put on the lamp for illumination. So then, I’ll have to bath twice in a day, but then there’s no running water in this neighbourhood… Talk of a hospitable country.

I love Ghana, but I’m unhappy living here now. The country is just messed up!

I should save some juice on my phone, but I have a birthday message for John Dumelo and an interesting story to share with you first…

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