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Umm… I can explain this, it shouldn’t be that difficult…

Just so you know, before I write this letter, you should understand that I was deeply frustrated by ECG’s act last night. Well, technically, I’m still in the darkness and my phone battery is 27%. I’ll make this as swift as I can. I have no idea what I’m about to write to John Dumelo. I’m still trying to figure out why his thought came to mind in my frustrated state last night.

I’ll give it a shot nonetheless.

Hi, Mr. Dumelo,
Sorry about the minor accident you had yesterday. Media said that was an unexpected birthday gift but I think that’s insensitive on their part. Got hurt?
I’m Miz Akwele, a regular Ghana Girl who admires your art, but fascinating enough, I have a friend, Maamle who’s crazy about you; it’s what your voice does to her, your stature, your composure… The way you smile.

Do you like Jollof?

Phone battery 23% and it’s 02:28… Pfft!

So yeah, do you like Jollof? I don’t know what you like and hate, neither am I aware of your pet peeves and bad habits, but I feel you like Jollof. It’s one of your favourite meals, isn’t it?

I tell my friends, Jollof is not just food, Jollof is an art. Art is thought through before delivered; you certainly cannot cook Jollof shabbily. The best of Jollof has been thoroughly thought through before delivered…

You are Jollof. Yes, you.

Forget about Jollof being a meal; Jollof is art. Jollof is whatever you want it to be. If it’s half cooked, looks like Jollof, smells like Jollof but doesn’t taste like Jollof, then it isn’t Jollof. Jollof is simply Jollof. Once again, you are Jollof, unless I got this whole concept wrong.

I think I like you too. I am naturally drawn to tall men who are experts in their crafts. You’re someone I’d like to meet; take a walk with, probably, and satisfy my curiosities with harmless questions.

You’re just nice.

They love you, the girls, how do you deal?

Argh! 15% battery life, and my phone freezes every 10min. Life gets easier. Pfft!!

So, Mr. Dumelo, when do I get the honours to meet you? No, not on Val’s Day, I wouldn’t want you getting the wrong impression about all this. The day or week after Val’s day?

We should take a walk on the beachside, maybe a free road… How would you like it?

Ok, 14% now. Lights off too… Argh!

I should end this.

Best regards.

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