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Model: Miz Akwele Photograph: Holison Adiku (Holison Concept)

Model: Miz Akwele
Photograph: Holison Adiku (Holison Concept)


I waited 10 days after writing to you to write another. This is different -it’s Valentine’s Day today. Woohoo!

Ok, I’m not particularly excited about it but umm… Yeah. Woohoo!

Did you see my previous letter? Did you read it? Did you even like it? My excitement falls with each question knowing that you probably haven’t heard my name before. Ok, this is somewhat sad, but I want to write to you.

Mr. Dumelo, the thing about Valentine’s Day for the single ones is, we just can’t wait till the day ends. Besides, 24hrs passes fast these days. Some of us would like to render self love with personal treats and getting gifts for ourselves. A friend got herself an iPhone5 last year [oops… Sorry, Ruth]. What did I get for myself? I can’t recall because I’ve had no gift of Val’s Day, ever.

I’m curious to what you’ll be doing today? Coffee in the morning? Jollof for lunch? Dinner with bae? -Well, not that I want to know your relationship status by asking ‘dinner with bae?’ I… I… Look, it’s just a clean question ok? Of course you’re bae-ing! John Dumelo cannot be bae-less.


On the other hand, I’m battling with some annoying cold and muscle aches; walking is anything else but funny, at this point. I’ll get well.

I’m curious to what your taste of gifts may be. Edible stuff? I love edibles butI’ll always take something valuable to cherish for a long time, if not forever.
Wait, don’t read into what I just said. Clear the impression of you getting a gift for me, although it’d be nice if you did.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
You have a cyber-pal, my name is Miz Akwele.

[I have no idea what that word means. Why would I even make up Cyber-pal. Cyber-pal?! Who says Cyber-pal? Hah!]


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