Mr. Albert Smith Jnr -Still 30

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Albert Smith Jnr is such an interesting character. How many years and counting? And i still don’t know how he puts up with my weirdness and ugly nature. Smart, intelligent, God fearing, wise [often wise] ;D sarcastic, and a sweet sense of humour. That’s a total package to befriend. He’s a gentleman too, highly.

I forgive him for not inviting me to his wedding. Couples forget to invite close friends to their wedding sometimes, especially when they get swamped up in planning for a perfect ceremony… yeah [sigh]

He’s my personal pharmacist. I used to tell him about every medical condition, and most often than not, I need not go directly to the hospital. Supportive in my growth and shaping me to non-judgmental, fun, and a good girl, Mr. Smith owns certain traits that gets my eyes rolling before i realize they are:

  • sometimes when hugging him, ‘that is a TM Lewin, don’t mess it up with your makeup’
  • when i deliberately step on his shoes, he jokingly reacts, ‘my friend… my friend… my friend! Do you know which designer this is?’
  • he can’t stop saying ‘oh I see’ ‘I hear you’, and knowing precisely those bits are my pet peeves, he deliberately says them during conversations

I am aware I cannot send random chats to him anytime I choose to, and that makes me sad. I miss talking to him anytime, sleeping off during a chat and having to apologize when I wake up. I mean, he’s hooked for life now, there has to be a limit somehow.

He used to call me Kiddo and I’ll call him 30 because he remained 30 to me when he turned 30 a couple of years back. I’m no longer a Kiddo [I pray he doesn’t revive this name after reading this].

Although 30 holds certain other behaviours that make me want to punch him in the face, he is an amazing person, and amazing friend, and i miss our friendship. It was fun, it was spontaneous, adventurous too.

At the moment, there is just so much I can reminisce on… so much I could smile about, but this is just to say ‘I miss you’.

I passed by through the mini mart in my hood tonight and smelled you on a certain cute gentleman. I told him he smelled like you and he took my number ;D


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