Sarcasm Is Not For Everyone

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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When certain individuals try to be sarcastic, it’s simply nasty; don’t do it, it’s not necessary, really. The absence of sarcasm doesn’t imply that your level of wit is low.

1. It’s not funny
2. It sounds wrong
3. You’re the only one laughing, and it’ll be awkward having other individuals hear your statement only to wear weird smiles on their faces.

Be original. Sarcasm is not a big deal for everyone. Don’t force it. Don’t try. Leave it for the smart and witty ones. Yes you’re smart, but I’m just saying, sarcasm just doesn’t work for you… Puns, maybe.

So, proofread that tweet or Facebook update before pressing the send button. Think of what you’re about to say before you actually say it. It helps, a whole lot.


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