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Tonight, we finally get to watch the movie with our names in it; remember, the main character bearing your last name and that lady bearing my first name? It’s still mysterious how we failed to copy it to my machine twice!

The keys, they came in handy tonight; ‘goat meat’ flavoured Jollof with countable colourful grains, watermelon juice, mango juice in case you’d want that too, lights went off but I got us some ice, powered your machine and mine in case yours goes off during our movie ;). I planned for this, because I know you’ll like it. I like it when you like it.

If I was your woman, tonight, you’ll have all of my attention, phone data will be off so there’s no distraction. After watching the movie, after we eat what I made for us, you’ll have one wish, and I’ll be your Genie tonight.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba


If I was your woman, on Sunday night, I’ll offer something you’ll like. It’s been a quiet day, I know. Just something to raise your adrenalin and make you smile till your ears hurt. You’ll like it, I know.

I’d love that I sit by you in church as we worship side by side. I’d love that we discuss scripture, and your wisdom, it’s impeccable. One thing I never told you, that impresses me is your reverence for Sunday naps after church; here I was thinking I’m alone in my kind of weird, but hey, that’s so darn impressive!

Later tonight, I’ll play you a sweet sound, a beat from me to you in appreciation of the one who made my heart beat for you. Tell me if you like it, and whichever way you’d want it, again.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba 


If I was your woman, on Saturday night, I’ll make the meal of your choice and spoil you with a few sweets. FanYogo, you like that thing… I’ll give you that thing!

Tell me about your day. How was the engagement party in Accra? The wedding you couldn’t attend because of that engagement party? Tell me the bits that got you peeved, and the pretty things that got you smiling. I’ll smile with you, as I watch you talk, I enjoy watching you talk.

Nothing strenuous on a Saturday night, we’ve got 6 other nights in our favour. I see you’re exhausted already; your eyes are heavy and feet look a bit swollen. You’ve got some work to do too, I know, so I’ll just be here with you till those heavy charming eyes close.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba

They call me The Light Goddess; i find that quite interesting.

Below is a link to one of the most interesting interviews I’ve had on social media, with Viva Ghana, and I hope you enjoy it.

Viva Meets Miz Akwele – The Light Goddess

VivaGhana Is A Culture & Lifestyle Conscious Online Magazine by the youth and for the youth that covers the core of growing up in Ghana and Africa with topics ranging from Life,Fashion,Personal Branding, Career Guidance, Entertainment, Arts and beyond.

Constructive feedback will be appreciated.




I couldn’t let this one pass by!

The Makola Market was the perfect venue for the Photo Walk -endless photo opportunities, natural and raw moments to document. It’s the biggest market in the capital where any product can be purchased. From foods to clothes and variety of people. No! People can’t be purchased. Hah! There are variety of people, mostly the locals – the Ga people. The Ga people are known for their exuberant, funny, plain and aggressive nature. I had my share of awesomeness meeting up with Instagram friends in my country and taking photos together.

It was hot, the weather, extremely hot, maybe because it’d rained heavily the night before. That being said, the experience was overwhelming enough. Most of the market women demanded we pay them for taking photos of their products and of them since they thought we’ll be making money out of it. We practically had to explain to every one of them what we were about, after which  they were warming towards us.

I wish we could’ve spent the whole day together, but weekends are as busy as weekdays in Ghana; funerals, weddings, seminars…

Although social media is basically a virtual life of networking and sharing, aside it’s negative attributes, some initiators have taken steps ahead to making it real, beyond the keyboards and screens, to meet ups and events like these. Instagram is doing an amazing job. Today,  Instagram wasn’t on my phone’s screen but right in front of me.


Watch the video here































Literally, he’s insane. This is the closest I’ve been to a mad man who hasn’t attempted to attack or scare me within seconds!

It rained all night, and the streets of Accra were flooded, as usual. The World Wide InstaMEET – Ghana was scheduled for this morning, and the team had went ahead of us to the venue -Makola Market. I sat in front of the GCB Bank at Circle, a rendezvous point with PK and Winfred so we set off together. There was when I met the madman; let’s give him a name -John.

John’s been insane and on the streets for long, I could tell from his outfit, mannerism, and his dirty locs (his locs were awesome by the way). He collected a calculated amount of sand, spread them in sections, and swept them off. He’s insane, that man. When he was done, he sat relaxed on the ground, took out a piece of chicken, perhaps the remnants from a bar or food joint the night before, lifted it as if dedicating it to God in praying, for about 5min, then devoured it, mercilessly. He did same to his half filled dirty bottle water before drinking it.

Passersby watched in pity, smiles, awe, some even urged him on with encouraging words, “yo rasta man! You doing good man. Jah bless!” Yet consciously, he responded to each comment by nodding and raising both thumbs. Hmph!

I thought to myself, right next to a man who’s lost his way, were other sane men walking to known destinations on a busy weekend. They are no better than him in any way, only that they are sane. They could get mad in an instance! Perhaps a manifestation of a curse by some angered family member, mental disorder, depression and the like.

I pray for John, and the others who are insane yet off the streets, going about their days like it’s ok.





His story fascinates me to the core! This Slovenian hitchhiker traveled from his home to Ghana without paying a dime, and continues touring the world looking for a suitable place to settle down -suitable for him.

It’s stunning how some individuals view the world we live in; material, purposeful, over ambitious, lazy, brevity of life, ceasing the day… For Matet, he seems curious and adventurous, appropriately, sees more to life than the material things.

As much as this is daring and out of the ordinary, it isn’t something I find myself doing. Will you?

I discovered him on Facebook via Ayitey Hammond, a photo one Ghanaian photographer had taken on his trip to Kumasi, particularly Cocoa Village.

According to Ayitey Hammond, Matet works at Cocoa Village in Kumasi as barter for his accommodation and would set off anytime he’s ready to continue touring the world. He was told he wouldn’t last in Africa but then from his tour, found out that Africans were warm. He also rescued a dog in Spain and they journeyed together for 5-months until it died in Senegal.

We often lose sight of one of the most important things in life -satisfying one’s soul. We complain about the failures and setbacks, but then what makes us happy? What are those little activities and major decisions that make us peaceful in the moment and cause smiles in the long run?

You don’t know everything. You haven’t seen everything. You haven’t experienced the worst. Appreciate what you have, those who make you smile… Appreciate family and people because truly, you don’t know where your help might come from.

I would love to meet Matet sometime soon to listen his story. I pray he wouldn’t have moved from Cocoa Village by then; it’s an amazing view. You should check them out HERE.


Matet finds a snake and sets it free!!

Photography: Ayitey Hammond




I want to be a child again. I didn’t mean that completely but yeah… Growing up is plenty of work; there are responsibilities, consciousness, choices, attention, menstruation, school, pressure, makeup, hashtags… pfft!

I miss my childhood sometimes. I enjoy feeling like a child after 24, and I guess it’s in all of us too, yet 24 is too much of a  number to get stuck into reminiscing childhood moments and desires.

Growing up is some experience! So far, it’s been an interesting ride.




My Friday went better than I thought it would, at least the earlier part of the day did.

A meeting of available bloggers in Ghana and social media enthusiasts at Ghana ‘ premiere University, University of Ghana (UG), Legon. Tagged ‘Social Media Storm’, the Blog Camp 2015 team powered by Blogging Ghana, scheduled the event withing 10am-4pm. Well, we ended before 3pm at the advantage of every participant, exhausting the programme schedule.

● Photo Walk
● Tweet-up discussion
● Blog Marathon

My colleague, Edmund, took charge of the Photo Walk leading us through a couple of Halls on the campus, taking photos in designed uniform T-shirts, and primarily having curious eyes ask what we’re about.

I on the other hand, handled the tweet-up discussion assisted by another colleague well vexed and familiar with social media influence -Ekow. I chose #thedress as the centre of discussion, primarily how trends can influence social media and capture an audience globally; the class was divided into 2… 3 actually.  A part saw blue and black, the other saw white and gold, and one interesting man saw sea-blue and brown! Wow.
It was fun, educative, and informative.

Before I show you the photos, lastly, Efo Dela, a well known Ghanaian blogger and social media enthusiasts, led the Blog Marathon session, teaching us how to create, handle and influence personal blogs and mini blogs like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for good! His presentation was point on.

At the moment, we, Blog Camp 2015 team powered by BloggingGhana, is preparing for its annual Bloggers’ Awards Night on April 14th this year. Now that, I cannot wait for.

I took these shots with my newest babe -Samsung Galaxy E5. I love my newest babe… haha!!


































Efo Dela (left), Miz Akwele (center) and Ekow (right)

I’m glad to have shared my day’s adventure with with you. I had a great time. I should do this more often.



I’d anticipated meeting Mr. Grey for some months now but distance played a massive role in keeping us apart… I accepted that until he said he was in Ghana.

He was in Accra!

Unfortunately, I got the news rather late and the only available time to meet up was the day of his departure.

I travelled 2hrs from home to where he was lodged, with his friend (one pretty interesting man, that one!)

On arrival at Ramada Beach Resort, Nungua, well… let me phrase this well:

Mr. Grey was just as I envisioned, tall, smells good, good looking, a gentleman indeed. We kept complaining about the weather… darn! The sun was angry at us, or perhaps the government. Snap that! It felt as though the sun was draining every ‘aorta’ of energy from our bodies. Mr. Grey sweats a lot more and was in black T-shirt as well.

We had fun. We talked about random stuff, their experience in Ghana and how I’d have love to take the around Accra if I was available earlier; he didn’t enjoy hearing me repeat that. There was limited time… an hour to set off to the airport, and then…

“I’ll just go for my camera now!”

What’s a photographer without his camera to capture moment and unending memories?

We stepped down to the shore and created these;




I had fun meeting a cyber friend. He’s more real to me now than a week ago, and I’d love to meet him again.  Maybe this time, in Nigeria.

Photography: Mr. Grey