I keep the thorn behind me
Holding it because it’s real to me
I keep the thorn  away from sight
For better is what’s ahead than what’s behind.


I’ll keep holding on no matter how long
It may prick hard
It may prick even deeper
But it will definitely wither.


My eye is still fixed on what is ahead
Whether I’m pricked
Whether I’m hurt
But for the better place, I look ahead.


Photography: Nii Odzenma  – Facebook [Nii Odzenma Nfoningraphy]
Model: Miz Akwele

  1. johncoyote says:

    Beautiful photos and powerful words. Thank you.

  2. This is incredible. I love this type of photography with the lighting etc

  3. Elikem Aflakpui says:

    What inspired what? The picture the poem or the poem the picture?

    All the same, both of them are just perfect. Bless you, Miz!

  4. kingblaqj says:

    Great piece for both the mind and the eyes

  5. kingblaqj says:

    great masterpiece for both the eyes and mind

  6. Thanks Scott. The model is part of the success story 🙂

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