I’d anticipated meeting Mr. Grey for some months now but distance played a massive role in keeping us apart… I accepted that until he said he was in Ghana.

He was in Accra!

Unfortunately, I got the news rather late and the only available time to meet up was the day of his departure.

I travelled 2hrs from home to where he was lodged, with his friend (one pretty interesting man, that one!)

On arrival at Ramada Beach Resort, Nungua, well… let me phrase this well:

Mr. Grey was just as I envisioned, tall, smells good, good looking, a gentleman indeed. We kept complaining about the weather… darn! The sun was angry at us, or perhaps the government. Snap that! It felt as though the sun was draining every ‘aorta’ of energy from our bodies. Mr. Grey sweats a lot more and was in black T-shirt as well.

We had fun. We talked about random stuff, their experience in Ghana and how I’d have love to take the around Accra if I was available earlier; he didn’t enjoy hearing me repeat that. There was limited time… an hour to set off to the airport, and then…

“I’ll just go for my camera now!”

What’s a photographer without his camera to capture moment and unending memories?

We stepped down to the shore and created these;




I had fun meeting a cyber friend. He’s more real to me now than a week ago, and I’d love to meet him again.  Maybe this time, in Nigeria.

Photography: Mr. Grey

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