I told you once
I told you that I liked you
But you looked at me and smiled
There I understood I was in it, alone


But I couldn’t stop liking
I didn’t expect you to like me back
I wanted it
But you wanted less


Then I told you again
Over a year of giving you less
I told you I still liked you
Didn’t rehearse for what you’d say next


No, nothing has changed
I’m used to loving alone
But you said same
You said you liked me too


I love that we’re not awkward
We wouldn’t have been here
I wouldn’t have experienced your awesome
I wouldn’t have liked you more


It’s the little things you do that get me smiling in your absence
The way you laugh raising your eyebrows in excitement
The way you get my sarcasm and deal with my kind of silly
I like you like that


I’m still here
My sentiments remain the same
You heard me then
Now you see me


Photography: Nii Odzenma  – Facebook [Nii Odzenma Nfoningraphy]
Model: Miz Akwele

  1. Beautiful photos again. The writing is great too and creates such an artful and deep sentiment. Love the hat too.
    Are you from Ghana? (I just noticed Ghana in the tags)

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