Slovenian Hitchhiker Lands In Ghana

Posted: March 17, 2015 in Adventure
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His story fascinates me to the core! This Slovenian hitchhiker traveled from his home to Ghana without paying a dime, and continues touring the world looking for a suitable place to settle down -suitable for him.

It’s stunning how some individuals view the world we live in; material, purposeful, over ambitious, lazy, brevity of life, ceasing the day… For Matet, he seems curious and adventurous, appropriately, sees more to life than the material things.

As much as this is daring and out of the ordinary, it isn’t something I find myself doing. Will you?

I discovered him on Facebook via Ayitey Hammond, a photo one Ghanaian photographer had taken on his trip to Kumasi, particularly Cocoa Village.

According to Ayitey Hammond, Matet works at Cocoa Village in Kumasi as barter for his accommodation and would set off anytime he’s ready to continue touring the world. He was told he wouldn’t last in Africa but then from his tour, found out that Africans were warm. He also rescued a dog in Spain and they journeyed together for 5-months until it died in Senegal.

We often lose sight of one of the most important things in life -satisfying one’s soul. We complain about the failures and setbacks, but then what makes us happy? What are those little activities and major decisions that make us peaceful in the moment and cause smiles in the long run?

You don’t know everything. You haven’t seen everything. You haven’t experienced the worst. Appreciate what you have, those who make you smile… Appreciate family and people because truly, you don’t know where your help might come from.

I would love to meet Matet sometime soon to listen his story. I pray he wouldn’t have moved from Cocoa Village by then; it’s an amazing view. You should check them out HERE.


Matet finds a snake and sets it free!!

Photography: Ayitey Hammond




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