If I Was Your Woman, On Monday Night…

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Love & Relationship, Photography
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Tonight, we finally get to watch the movie with our names in it; remember, the main character bearing your last name and that lady bearing my first name? It’s still mysterious how we failed to copy it to my machine twice!

The keys, they came in handy tonight; ‘goat meat’ flavoured Jollof with countable colourful grains, watermelon juice, mango juice in case you’d want that too, lights went off but I got us some ice, powered your machine and mine in case yours goes off during our movie ;). I planned for this, because I know you’ll like it. I like it when you like it.

If I was your woman, tonight, you’ll have all of my attention, phone data will be off so there’s no distraction. After watching the movie, after we eat what I made for us, you’ll have one wish, and I’ll be your Genie tonight.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba

  1. amoafowaa says:

    Guys will go yiiiiii on this. 🙂

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