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Sorry for showing up a few minutes late, I’ll explain; I didn’t have makeup on, so certainly that wasn’t what kept me. Traffic, yes, but I find it hard leaving my bed especially when I’ve been on it for hours reading and working behind my pc. Again, forgive me, I didn’t do well.

Let’s talk about the evil beef burger you ordered. “Waiting for this beef burger is nothing compared to waiting for your arrival… I’m so composed now because you’re here else…” “I would’ve just left”. After waiting over 15min, your first bite made you regret you ever ordered it, huh? Good idea going back for the popcorn.

“RUN ALL NIGHT” was a good movie… C’mon, it’s Liam Neeson and we all knew he was going to be on the run to clear the name of his daughter, son, brother or cousin, I love that man nonetheless. Then again, if I’d known AVENGERS was showing, I would’ve chosen it in a heartbeat.

“Don’t do it, Michael”, remember that line? Hahaha silly Michael.

I enjoyed the movie, and your company. I liked that we could discuss particular scenes and try predicting a character’s next move. You’re cool like that… I like that. It got better when we descended to the ground floor to grab some Shawarma and talk. You’re a good listener, and you talk well.

O! That was a nice shirt you wore last night. I felt the fabric  when I hugged you. Hah! When I finally hugged you. Interesting, but we have a story already, the hug story. I’ve had really cool dates and awful ones, but I must admit, this was fun and real. I thought you’d never ask that we do it again, the date I mean; my face lit up when you did.

Your composure, smiles, intelligence, wit, your smell… mmh…


Nii Odzenma‘s artistry baffles me. This theme was unplanned, and ECG did well bringing out our creativity by putting out the lights unscheduled.
Early in the morning, I passed by M’adjoa‘s office at Mantrac, Circle for a makeup session before heading to Nii Odzenma‘s studio for the shoot.



We took some headshots at the studio (I’ll share images with you sooner), but take a look at these.

“We’re going to make ghosts of you”, Nii said, with a smile.

Take a look at these slow shutter images in Black & White.









Three (3) final year students of St. John’s Grammar School, in Accra, have been denied seats in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) because they kept their hair bushy. Absurd, huh?

In Africa, particularly in Ghana, most public schools disallow students to keep their hair growing throughout the education period, that is, before they enter into the tertiary level. We were made to understand that, the hair demands a lot of attention and a student doesn’t need that sort of distraction. I got a haircut every 2-weeks until I graduated from Senior High School; it wasn’t a big deal for me because it was a just a stage. Nevertheless, the trend is, the female student in her final year will start ‘store her hair’ from the mock examination stage, scarf it always to keep it presentable till she finishes her last paper. That weekend, she heads straight to the salon to braid, wear a hair-weave, or stretch the hair to get the adult and feline look. This is not new. But to have 3 candidates who don’t owe any fees or levy and have gone through the registration process denied their seats, that is absurd!

“…he (teacher) did not give any definitive response to out request, therefore we decided to go and take our seats in the exams hall since time was almost up for the start of our elective subject Christian Religious Studies (CRS) but to our surprise, before we got to the exam hall, info from Mr. Ofori had already reached the invigilator, Mr. Gyedu who is also a teacher of St. Johns Grammar Sch not to allow us to sit for the exams… we pleaded and pleaded but they said no, not even the intervention of the police officer on duty could make them change their mind”, they narrated.

Then again, hair grows! Growing up is a big deal, that we know, that is no guarantee to take risks like this. If the authorities say ‘cut your hair’, cut your hair. Hair grows because you grow.

There are times I wish I wouldn’t grow because they responsibilities are becoming overwhelming, but for a better future, certain decisions need to be made, with conscious effort.

Why did the 3 girls have to stand out of the hundreds of girls writing the same exam? Was it that they were unlucky to be under strict authorities? Or was it simply sheer negligence and disobedience? At times, the best option is to listen to authorities.


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Well, this is awkward.

I don’t like awkward; I think it’s particular awkward, the situation, I mean.

I don’t do well hiding expressions especially when they are immediate reactions to faults and surprises, so yeah, this is awkward.

I wouldn’t mind the ground swallowing me up this moment because when this expression fails, the atmosphere is likely to get more awkward, even worse. Now that, is some kind of awkward I wouldn’t want to experience.

Get me out of here. Please.


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Belinda [right], Karen [middle], Miz Akwele [left]

Belinda [right], Karen [middle], Miz Akwele [left]

The shoot was 2 days ago, Friday April 17, with Duke of FocusGh Photography.

We were 5 models, worked on by one Makeup Artist (MUA) –Maa Abyna Arthur – Belinda, Karen, Lina, Sandra and myself. Although scheduled to begin at 8.30am, the makeup started at about 10am and the shoot ended at approximately 4.50pm.

Maa Abyna bonded with us easily, maybe because we’d done a similar shoot days back, but I think she holds a friendly personality and has amazing people skills. Her craft delivery is swift, precise, and careful. She seems to know exactly what she wants from the beginning, and that’s pretty much impressive.

It was fun; we felt at home, literally, in the photographer’s home. Here are a few photos shot with our phones. I’ll share the original photos from the shoot when they’re ready.



Karen, Lina, Belinda, Miz Akwele

Karen, Lina, Belinda, Miz Akwele









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Instagram: Miz Akwele


Clay Visuals has an exciting thing going on and I was thrilled to be a part of it. The proliferation of photographers producing portraits with different niches, but that’s alright… impressive too.

Matthews, a team member, contacted me and proposed to do headshots with facial expressions. The project simply had the head shot out of the original headshot, literally, against a coloured background, with a text across the face describing the model’s facial expression.

Check out his previous work tagged ‘Happy’


Here are a few BTS photos with the photographer. It was fun and swift.





Photography: Clay Visuals [Instagram]



If I say I love black & white but can’t pick one out as a favorite because then one will have power over the other, am I Racist?

Perhaps, the thought of having to choose one over the other, alone, is racist?

What if I chose both? Is it racist for ‘considering’ black & white, having both in my possession when I know I prefer one to the other?
But then to forfeit one for the other will meaning choosing one over the other.

Why is there black & white to begin with?

If black and white exist for clarity sake because grey screams of uncertainty and indecision, why should the concept of black & white be so confusing now? Black and white is grey now?

Wait, black and white makes grey… O! I get it. I get it.


As much as most of us read only the headlines, some of us take every detail.

CNN, Nairobi is NOT in Nigeria.

The massacre in Kenya and the threat by Al-Shabab to Uganda is hitting Africa to the core of every wound. This is not the time for us to start worrying about misplaced information on an international reliable news channel, no.

I pray for Kenya.
I pray for Uganda.
I pray for Africa.


Lord Jesus, please save Kenya, I pray
This is disheartening, what is happening
If you could stop time, do
If you could deliver them all, do
Because Africa is in so much pain

Her children are being slaughtered in her sight
As she watches them breathe their last breath in unanswered questions in their eyes
‘What did I do?’

Open up this bloody ground and let then drown in it
Let them fall into their own pits when they dig it
Let them drink their own blood for our ground doesn’t need any more
Don’t let them go free
Every one of them and their household

My heart is saddened
This is disheartening
But God, you see it all
If this is your second coming
Come and save us all




Did you miss me on Wednesday night? Tell me you did.

If I was your woman, on Thursday night, I’ll dance to an endless tune of pleasure, the pleasure you can only see in my moves. I’ll dance to indigenous beats that tell a story, a story of why I’m here moving for you and not for another. It’s the story that starts with ‘on that day’ and continues with ‘on this day’

On this day I confess my love to none other but you. You’ve been patient and never let your guard down, I respect you for that. I’ll never let you down. Swinging my hips carefully but swiftly like the Ga woman I am, accompanying each curve with the soothing sound of beads, yes, I know my heritage.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba