Live Till You Die

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Thoughts & Sentiments
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There’s so much going on here, on the surface of the earth and even beyond. So much you can be a part of, yet so much you don’t need to be a part of. You can’t afford the luxury of laziness neither can you afford the luxury or being too involved, ‘too busy’, to miss out on what matters and all that’s beautiful.

It comes down to knowing what you you’re looking for, what you want, what you need, and where you’re going.

Animals, pets
A sense of belonging. You just can’t be alone. It hurts to be alone.

It’s that kind of hurt that magnifies as it morphs from emotional to physical, yes, I’ve been there and wouldn’t wish that for my worst enemy.

So why are you lonely? Why choose to be lonely?

You can do it all by yourself?
You’ve been hurt too many times?
Your past was dark?

Listen, you’re story as the worst because you haven’t heard another’s. Live. C’mon, please live because life is short. No one understands the brevity of life and why death seeks us so bad, even the innocent ones. But look at you; you’re breathing, you can even read this. Find something to believe in take steps to happiness. Make your soil happy and you’ll have nothing to complain about… at least not often.

I love you.


Photography: Nana Kofi Acquah



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