If I Was Your Woman, On Thursday Night…

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Love & Relationship, Photography
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Did you miss me on Wednesday night? Tell me you did.

If I was your woman, on Thursday night, I’ll dance to an endless tune of pleasure, the pleasure you can only see in my moves. I’ll dance to indigenous beats that tell a story, a story of why I’m here moving for you and not for another. It’s the story that starts with ‘on that day’ and continues with ‘on this day’

On this day I confess my love to none other but you. You’ve been patient and never let your guard down, I respect you for that. I’ll never let you down. Swinging my hips carefully but swiftly like the Ga woman I am, accompanying each curve with the soothing sound of beads, yes, I know my heritage.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba

  1. I’m loving these writings. So sensual

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