3 Final Year Students Choose Their Hair Over WASSCE Exam

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Thoughts & Sentiments
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Three (3) final year students of St. John’s Grammar School, in Accra, have been denied seats in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) because they kept their hair bushy. Absurd, huh?

In Africa, particularly in Ghana, most public schools disallow students to keep their hair growing throughout the education period, that is, before they enter into the tertiary level. We were made to understand that, the hair demands a lot of attention and a student doesn’t need that sort of distraction. I got a haircut every 2-weeks until I graduated from Senior High School; it wasn’t a big deal for me because it was a just a stage. Nevertheless, the trend is, the female student in her final year will start ‘store her hair’ from the mock examination stage, scarf it always to keep it presentable till she finishes her last paper. That weekend, she heads straight to the salon to braid, wear a hair-weave, or stretch the hair to get the adult and feline look. This is not new. But to have 3 candidates who don’t owe any fees or levy and have gone through the registration process denied their seats, that is absurd!

“…he (teacher) did not give any definitive response to out request, therefore we decided to go and take our seats in the exams hall since time was almost up for the start of our elective subject Christian Religious Studies (CRS) but to our surprise, before we got to the exam hall, info from Mr. Ofori had already reached the invigilator, Mr. Gyedu who is also a teacher of St. Johns Grammar Sch not to allow us to sit for the exams… we pleaded and pleaded but they said no, not even the intervention of the police officer on duty could make them change their mind”, they narrated.

Then again, hair grows! Growing up is a big deal, that we know, that is no guarantee to take risks like this. If the authorities say ‘cut your hair’, cut your hair. Hair grows because you grow.

There are times I wish I wouldn’t grow because they responsibilities are becoming overwhelming, but for a better future, certain decisions need to be made, with conscious effort.

Why did the 3 girls have to stand out of the hundreds of girls writing the same exam? Was it that they were unlucky to be under strict authorities? Or was it simply sheer negligence and disobedience? At times, the best option is to listen to authorities.


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  1. amoafowaa says:

    Wow! These children seem stubborn but I think they should be allowed to hoard their hair however they want.

  2. Quasi says:

    I think the teacher was too harsh on them…he should have allowed the girls to write the exams and get shaved after the paper…me kraa i had a bushy when writing my WASSCE 2yrs ago

  3. Efo Dela says:

    The headmistress was wrong for preventing them from writing but seriously why did the girls choose their hair over their exams? They could have complained after.

    I could bet my last pesewa that the class ‘Shark’ wasn’t among. Priorities

  4. That does seem absurd. Also, their hair doesn’t even look long. I think that only requires a one minute comb through. True what you say though, that when authorities have a rule it’s just better to follow it.

  5. harmony says:

    what rule is that? this is fucked up. schools like abundant grace and some other school do allow their students to weave their hair, even perming or whatever they call it. their hair doesn’t even look bushy. am suspecting the teacher…….

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