About Last Night’s Movie Date… Yes.

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Thoughts & Sentiments
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Sorry for showing up a few minutes late, I’ll explain; I didn’t have makeup on, so certainly that wasn’t what kept me. Traffic, yes, but I find it hard leaving my bed especially when I’ve been on it for hours reading and working behind my pc. Again, forgive me, I didn’t do well.

Let’s talk about the evil beef burger you ordered. “Waiting for this beef burger is nothing compared to waiting for your arrival… I’m so composed now because you’re here else…” “I would’ve just left”. After waiting over 15min, your first bite made you regret you ever ordered it, huh? Good idea going back for the popcorn.

“RUN ALL NIGHT” was a good movie… C’mon, it’s Liam Neeson and we all knew he was going to be on the run to clear the name of his daughter, son, brother or cousin, I love that man nonetheless. Then again, if I’d known AVENGERS was showing, I would’ve chosen it in a heartbeat.

“Don’t do it, Michael”, remember that line? Hahaha silly Michael.

I enjoyed the movie, and your company. I liked that we could discuss particular scenes and try predicting a character’s next move. You’re cool like that… I like that. It got better when we descended to the ground floor to grab some Shawarma and talk. You’re a good listener, and you talk well.

O! That was a nice shirt you wore last night. I felt the fabric  when I hugged you. Hah! When I finally hugged you. Interesting, but we have a story already, the hug story. I’ve had really cool dates and awful ones, but I must admit, this was fun and real. I thought you’d never ask that we do it again, the date I mean; my face lit up when you did.

Your composure, smiles, intelligence, wit, your smell… mmh…

  1. Very cute note for your date. I love how you explain the little details. Can’t wait to read the note after date 2 haha 🙂

  2. Elikem Aflakpui says:


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