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He is one of the few my mind syncs with. Befriending a notable Ghanaian in the arts industry has been, so far, one of the most amazing things I’ve done.

Steve Ababio is down to earth, real, intelligent, smart, God-fearing, and older than I am. Hah!

About a week ago, I paid him a visit at his residence; it’s serene and peaceful, especially when there is electricity and mosquitoes aren’t obsessing over your skin at about 4pm in the garden.

Here is the story behind the yellow bench – a short story; “you are not a certified model until take a shot on the yellow bench”.

So now tell me, how did I do?














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On my last birthday, she told me the complete story of my birth; of how she didn’t complete the 9-months cycle and had to be in labour for several days at the hospital. There were no scans then, so she was clueless about expecting twins. My twin came out perfectly but I’d turned yellow from infantile jaundice with the umbilical cord tied round my head. She said I spent several weeks in the incubator and finally came out so small as compared to my twin brother.
Months after, other friends of the family and family members would rather carry my twin than carry me, because I looked small and delicate. How she’s nurtured me to a healthy woman with no life – threatening illnesses still baffles me.

Her sacrifices were one of a kind, most of which I remember vividly. I’ve always wanted to be like her when I grow. Now I’m grown… well, I’m still growing 🙈.

The way she cooks, her OCDs, her heart! My mother’s heart I can proudly say I have, but her patience never seem to recognise itself with me (honestly speaking).

Today, she’ll see me sacrifice in certain ways, get hurt but easy to forgive, and passes comments like, “why did you have to take that trait?”

I’ve seen countless pictures online throughout last week till today, honouring motherhood and womanhood… it’s sweet, perhaps too proper a routine.

I’ll be a mother someday, and it’ll probably be one of the best joys in my life. Other mothers can’t make their daughters and sons feel the same, but I can, undeniably say that my mother is magical. She’s made me who I am today.

I am shedding a few tears right now because I was unable to see her today. She said I should rest home and come see her when I’m better… ‘I know how much you love me, but consider your health first’ was what she said this morning.

Childbearing isn’t mothering. Mothering is a gift, and I’m glad to be honouring it this day.

To all the mothers reading this, you possess supernatural awesomeness.

Her water just broke, God! You should have seen her. She couldn’t sit, she couldn’t stand or even kneel. I was shaken. Her pain looked contagious.

The lights had gone off so I was with my hairdresser who’s 9-months old son happens to be my Godson. We had some catching up to do. Rafia, the pregnant woman sat close to us and kept tilting her head abnormally until my hairdresser asked.

Apparently, she’s 16, waiting for her 17year-old husband to get back home -there was no money.

We got hold of her husband’s elder brother who rushed to the site and helped her to the maternity home about 10 steps away, but there was no power and they couldn’t help.  I rushed home to pick up some money so they could go to Ridge Hospital where she’s supposedly allowed to deliver.

Mothers’ Day is in 4 days, and I’m in this darkness, with my phone screen’s light shining through my lens, wondering if this 16-year-old is ready to be A MOTHER. Her ‘husband’ didn’t go with her, and gave me the excuse that he hadn’t taken his bath!! Bath! Really? Instead, he went into the neighbourhood announcing the current incident .

Wow. Children birthing children now??

God bless my mother.
God bless your mother.

I wish to have a surprise a day
Cause a smile that’ll dry the tears away
I wish you’ll show me your pain
Cos I wanna take them away
I wish my wish be granted by you
I wish your wishes be my wishes.

I feel the absence of love and it scares me.

Men have made decisions to stick to their jobs and other things that make them happy and for most of them, a woman by their side isn’t on the scale of preference. Sad. Perhaps it is the economy, or pressure from peers to make it to the top of the social class before finding a woman to commit to.

Heartbreak, we’ve all been there, maybe still there. But let’s face it; hearts get broken everyday, but life is beautiful. The soul purpose of life is living. It was rather be heartbreaking if everything else is put on hold because of an emotional breakdown. It can get really bad, but c’mon, c’est la vie!

Let me share this with you;

I cannot count the number of times I’ve either been rejected by a man or been left alone loving till a breakup (well, twice, for the latter). But it’s alright -actually it’s not, but I consciously disallow that to shape my worldview. Besides, I’m a talented  young exuberant woman; if I was to hold back whenever I broke down emotionally, or say ‘all men are the same. I won’t allow any man to distract my course again’, then I’ll be fooling myself. Nonetheless, I’ve learned from all encounters, I believe that’s how we grow and get stronger.

You’ll eventually be okay, so why not act okay till you are okay. Mind you, we’ve all got 24hrs at our disposal daily, yet there are legends amongst us, individuals leaving legacies for the next generation, and there is you.

You can start by appreciating your worth, loving yourself, the rest will come naturally.