What Are You Doing??

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I feel the absence of love and it scares me.

Men have made decisions to stick to their jobs and other things that make them happy and for most of them, a woman by their side isn’t on the scale of preference. Sad. Perhaps it is the economy, or pressure from peers to make it to the top of the social class before finding a woman to commit to.

Heartbreak, we’ve all been there, maybe still there. But let’s face it; hearts get broken everyday, but life is beautiful. The soul purpose of life is living. It was rather be heartbreaking if everything else is put on hold because of an emotional breakdown. It can get really bad, but c’mon, c’est la vie!

Let me share this with you;

I cannot count the number of times I’ve either been rejected by a man or been left alone loving till a breakup (well, twice, for the latter). But it’s alright -actually it’s not, but I consciously disallow that to shape my worldview. Besides, I’m a talented  young exuberant woman; if I was to hold back whenever I broke down emotionally, or say ‘all men are the same. I won’t allow any man to distract my course again’, then I’ll be fooling myself. Nonetheless, I’ve learned from all encounters, I believe that’s how we grow and get stronger.

You’ll eventually be okay, so why not act okay till you are okay. Mind you, we’ve all got 24hrs at our disposal daily, yet there are legends amongst us, individuals leaving legacies for the next generation, and there is you.

You can start by appreciating your worth, loving yourself, the rest will come naturally.

  1. Kinda sad, but a beautiful and true writeup here. Stay strong my friend. You’re at a mature and wise state of mind with your perceptions. I can relate quite well to it all as of recent too

  2. gouendo says:

    couldnt agree less,, we relate thats y we r the kind of women we r

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