Mother: She Does More Than Bear Her Child

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Thoughts & Sentiments
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On my last birthday, she told me the complete story of my birth; of how she didn’t complete the 9-months cycle and had to be in labour for several days at the hospital. There were no scans then, so she was clueless about expecting twins. My twin came out perfectly but I’d turned yellow from infantile jaundice with the umbilical cord tied round my head. She said I spent several weeks in the incubator and finally came out so small as compared to my twin brother.
Months after, other friends of the family and family members would rather carry my twin than carry me, because I looked small and delicate. How she’s nurtured me to a healthy woman with no life – threatening illnesses still baffles me.

Her sacrifices were one of a kind, most of which I remember vividly. I’ve always wanted to be like her when I grow. Now I’m grown… well, I’m still growing 🙈.

The way she cooks, her OCDs, her heart! My mother’s heart I can proudly say I have, but her patience never seem to recognise itself with me (honestly speaking).

Today, she’ll see me sacrifice in certain ways, get hurt but easy to forgive, and passes comments like, “why did you have to take that trait?”

I’ve seen countless pictures online throughout last week till today, honouring motherhood and womanhood… it’s sweet, perhaps too proper a routine.

I’ll be a mother someday, and it’ll probably be one of the best joys in my life. Other mothers can’t make their daughters and sons feel the same, but I can, undeniably say that my mother is magical. She’s made me who I am today.

I am shedding a few tears right now because I was unable to see her today. She said I should rest home and come see her when I’m better… ‘I know how much you love me, but consider your health first’ was what she said this morning.

Childbearing isn’t mothering. Mothering is a gift, and I’m glad to be honouring it this day.

To all the mothers reading this, you possess supernatural awesomeness.


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