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My twin brother is such an interesting character. Here’s what happened; after Ewurasi’s wedding on Saturday, he had to pick me up with some of the other bridesmaids back to where we’d lodged. Daphne, one of the bridesmaids had to pass by East Legon, Accra, to deliver a package to her uncle.

We got lost on our way and decided to park at KFC till we got detailed directions to where we had to go to. Just when my brother, Curtis entered the parking space, we got the green light and had to turn immediately.

The security man approached us and wanted to know why we were being more or less indecisive. Guess what Curtis told him;

“Sorry boss, very sorry, we changed our mind. We’re going to PAPAYE… KFC doesn’t have grilled chicken, just fats”.

Oh my God!
Oh my God!!
He didn’t just say that.


I love KFC’s hot and crispy chicken by the way. That’s my favourite junk food joint.


He taught me to love again, and he needn’t say a word to make me
Full of life
Full of love
Old enough to know what’s right
Old enough to love right
He loves right
He’s lived a life of plenty rights, his grandchildren will say
But to listen to his wife
What she had to say
That made me love again.

My weekend was so full of interesting stories to share. I can’t wait to share them with you, but in a few hours, since my PC is dead and phone battery running low… ok, 15% now.

The heart, as fragile as it is literally and figuratively, is what keeps us alive, sanely or insanely, we still are alive.

But it’s deceiving, more than once, it is deceiving. Often times takes the same path, signals our minds to see light at the end of the tunnel; we get there and realize it was only daylight, in the season of longer nights.

If the organ that keeps us alive is a fragile one, is it not fair to say that we are naturally fragile. It is okay to be fragile, but you will be happier if you are stronger. Your cry isn’t a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you’re still alive; the dead cannot cry.

But don’t stay there, please don’t stay there. Dry those tears and live. Crying is not the only sign of living.

Addictions are deadly. Like routine,  you’d want to break them at a point, but for some equally important factor, you’d rather stick with it.

Satisfaction, comfort, fear, or is it sheer laziness?

I have an addiction. Well, I had, I stopped, and I’m back. Truth is, I feel disloyal to the course; why stop if you’ll start all over anyway?

I’m dealing. I’m positive about it.

You’re smart until they get familiar
Everything else looks same
Same face
Unsettling weight
Even compliments fade

You’re the one who got familiar
Because I changed, I’m not always the same
PMS boobs now like the regular
Purchased another for when it’s period
But you… You got familiar

No more compliments, that I can deal with
But to compare me with her, dude, you’re tripping
Wait till we start talking less
Wait till you get familiar with her
Then you’ll know I didn’t get less smart
You got familiar

How do I explain this?

It’s not just like someone you love died, it’s like everything you ever felt, all the things you perceived and believed in died, and you’ll have to do things differently. You have no other option than to do things differently. Because whether that person chose to die, or was taken away naturally by the hands of time, perhaps a supernatural hand, he’s dead anyway.

This death I’m talking about isn’t the kind of natural departure in a man’s life cycle, it is that kind of death you witness taking over the life of the one you love, still living. If I had my way, I’d pretend as if nothing happened; I’ll let go, but this is hard for me.

We see it coming sometimes, other times, it just hits you so hard in the chest, surprisingly; it isn’t any experience you can get over overnight. It’s the kind of hurt that changes things… changes you.

This is my loss. This is how I feel, right about now, seated in the corner of my bedroom floor.

Maybe, after all, we are all a bunch of desperate people living desperate lives in search of the love that can keep us satisfied with the life we’re living. But we’re never satisfied, are we? We are never satisfied.

We can settle, for the least is greater than none at all. We settle until we finally realize we’ve exhausted that little we chose over ‘none at all’. That is when we get familiar, complacent… we get too comfortable and yearn for change, come what may.

But then, within the period of the edge of complacency and the yearn for a change, we are naturally moved by any element that supports our thought for this change; an element within, an element without.

In the end, we are back to settling for the little we can get, for the least is greater than none at all.