Que Sera Sera – Driving Miz Crazy!

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Thoughts & Sentiments
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What I find most attractive is intelligence -the mind. What I find rather intriguing is my mind and my kind of weird syncing with another’s. And for a single woman, it’s rather natural to be easily fall for a man whose mind sync with mine.
We happened to have met for the first time about a week ago at the photo exhibition at Alliance Française. After planning to meet up on his birthday this week, perhaps things went in my favour so we met up earlier. I was excited to meet him, truly. Him, I couldn’t tell.

It was fun, he was calm, cool, and a whole lot of cool, only that he was on his phone about 85% of the time; perhaps because I wasn’t the only one around.

After we parted, we didn’t contacted each other till yesterday when I reached out, only to receive the feedback that each of us was expecting the other to reach out first. Well, that’s just awkward.

I like him, it’s simply that. His birthday is this Sunday and I’m still meeting him anyway. I can’t tell if we’ll be meeting after then, but umm… yeah!

Take a look at our selfie series from the other day.









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