It’s a sad morning in Ghana. I cannot express how heavy my heart bleeds at the moment. More than 100s reportedly dead from last night’s heavy rains. I thought I had a rough night until I listened to the radio, saw photographs on FB and watched National Television News.

I walked in the floods yesterday and had no option but to pee on myself in the heavy rain; I’d never done that before!! I was in tears as the warm urine run down my thighs in the cold rain as I saw I topless taxi driver honking his horn tensely in heavy traffic with a restless woman in bra, holding a little girl in her arms in the backseat. She looked lifeless.

My heart… Oh God!

Friends contacted me of how they’d been stranded at places till midnight. What’s even worse, some citizens who parked their vehicles at areas they thought were safe until the rains stopped, mostly ended up dead and… well, not so safe. At least 73 people have been killed in an explosion at a petrol station in the capital, local authorities say. Other stations

Pray for my country, please, pray for Ghana.

To those who have lost loved ones, my heart goes to you. If you know anyone in Accra, call to find out they are safe. Call to strengthen them because some have lost friends and loved ones. Make the most of social media today.

Here are a few photos














  • Follow #AccraFloods on twitter for more news and updates


Photo Credit: Gerard Nartey & Accra Flood Report



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