It Is Real… It Is Black – Portraits By Nigerian Photographer Aham Ibeleme

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Feature, Photography
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I have been following Aham Ibeleme for a few months on Instagram and Facebook, and not once has it crossed my mind to unfollow him because I got bored of his photography works; I never got bored. It’s his portraits that capture my attention even closer -they bring so much life to still images. Is that not the primary purpose of a portrait?

Black is beautiful, Black is universal, Black is in it’s own way pure; since it cannot get any darker, it’s stains are hidden in it’s nature and the beautification of its strength revealed. Black is strong.

What marveled me about these 3 portraits was that black individuals were shot in Black & White portraits. How detailed can this get?

Besides its Black & White nature and effect, the portraits were taken in their natural and raw states; no make up, no weaves, purely natural, purely black, and beautiful.

The black skin is a beautiful creation to pride in. No amount of toning or bleaching of the skin can change its nature from within. It is strong, it is beautiful, even better in its raw state.

Take a look.



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