Grandma [left], Grandpa [right]

“Even in my old age, he reprimands me! Look at my face, do you think he doesn’t see the wrinkles when rebuking me? But we only have each other to love”

It’s never been real till then. After 47-years of marriage, she teases him and it still gets to him. She laughs at his grammatical errors and it still gets to him. She remembers what makes him tick and knows how to make him happy.

It was their granddaughter’s wedding I was bridesmaid for, with 6 other friends of the bride, so we had to lodge at their house. Grandpa couldn’t wait to have us.

“You girls have brought so much life to this old house again. Let us know when you’d want to come back, we’ll love to have you here again”. Clearly we did something right.

It’s natural for love to diminish after a few years of being stuck together as a couple. But then, what is love, what is true love? Is not love just love? If it isn’t true, then why call it love?

Grandma’s first marriage lasted 5-years till she remarried Grandpa. If she was with her 1st husband, my question is, would it have lasted this long? What made this unlike the other? Was it choice? Natural causes? Return to first love? I’m definitely returning to the house to satisfy my curiosity, after my papers.

I know Love, I’ve seen her, dined with her a couple of times, and she’s like none other. Always renewing her magnificence and finery. Who would deny this finery? Broken hearts mend, hurts heal, memories are hidden consciously and unconsciously, but that’s when Love is near.

Now, let’s save the rest for another episode, shall we?


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