O! There’s no need for a photo, I have friends on Facebook and that Insta-something-something… eh heh!

All other passengers had alighted at their destinations and I was left with the driver, Yakubu, who decided not to pick up anymore passengers for the rest of the day. When I asked why he didn’t want to make more money, he said,

”sweetheart, I drove a couple all night throughout Osu, and see, I am a Muslim, I am fasting”.

He was neatly dressed in a green polo shirt tacked in khaki trousers. I could tell the precision of the ironing from the collar down to the shoulder and sleeve. He spoke real good English and I wondered if taxi driving was his only occupation, perhaps a part-time job.

Well, hmph… I’ve been driving for a bit over a year now. As to how I ended up here, I cannot disclose to you but then, that was my last and only option. After a series of misfortunes, I had to move from Switzerland to my family in Ghana, to cater for the little ones. A little fun here and there, then got a woman pregnant. As we speak now, I am not in love with her, but I love my son, so for the act I do regret but the consequence of it… I know you understand. It’s funny, this life we’re living. Never say never, until you’re in the position to say it. I had dreams, I had a life, family and friends looked up to me… I had a name, now it’s just a taxi.

It wasn’t what he said, but the way he said it. There was an intense element of regret and sorrow in his words, and his voice shook as he kept talking. There were moments he’d shake his head in despair, then smile, not a happy smile. I was disheartened.

The couple I picked up last night, you could just tell, there was so much love in their demeanor. It felt young and new. I’d been there and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me until I told her about my baby-mama, who was only pregnant then, but my girlfriend wouldn’t even listen. If only she’d given me space to explain the whole situation… hmph!

“Boss here is my stop”

“Oh sorry! I got carried away”

“That’s fine. GHC1.20, right?”

“Yeah.I would’ve refused it but it’s my only job, I hope you understand”

“Yes, thank you, Yakubu”

“Thank you too. Your name?”



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