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There are some memories that will never fade, certain songs whose lyrics don’t matter, and some movies that will forever touch our hearts. Touched By An Angel touched my life.

I might have been too little to understand beyond the surface meanings of each episode, but there wasn’t a Sunday night when the lines ‘I am angel, sent by God’ didn’t give me goosebumps.


There was something about Monica’s voice, her demeanor, the look in her eyes… she was simply peaceful to behold. Apparently, she was the main protagonist of the series, and Tess was her supervisor. No wonder Tess would rebuke her in love when she delays peculiar activities.

Tess was amazing. She was firm yet loving. Her white hair blew me away. And her smile, angelic! There was a time I told my mother that if Tess was my grandmother, I bet my family would know no sin. Yeah, that was how flawlessly I perceived her leadership.


The scary part was when Andrew will show up in his white suit. Woah!! “Oh no bruh! Andrew please don’t take him, please…” And as if he was responding directly to me, he’d shake or nod his head in disagreement, and take the dying character away anyway. I mean, which Angel of Death wears white? He must be accompanying his subjects to heaven then. Pfft!


Touched By An Angel was the definition of drama. You’d think you’ve seen it all, guessing the storyline right till it gets emotional and the angels reveal themselves.

It was strategic on Ghana television, airing on Sunday evenings. It’s as if to say, “here is something for you to ponder over to live a God-fearing life for the coming week; if you went to church, here is a double dose”.

Then again, what is fiction if there’s no hint of reality in it? What is rumour if there’s no hint of truth? We meet kindhearted angels who encourage and help us everyday. They are the kind of angels whose heads don’t glow, neither do they look divine, yet we overlook their good gestures with no Thank You or a word of blessing.

Let us learn to appreciate the good little gestures. Whenever you feel touched, remain touched, show some appreciation, because that might go a long way to touching and changing another; the cycle will be unending.






Grandma [left], Grandpa [right]

“Even in my old age, he reprimands me! Look at my face, do you think he doesn’t see the wrinkles when rebuking me? But we only have each other to love”

Let me tell you something little about the power of self esteem:

It’s one of the most powerful positions any individual can find themselves in. It either overwhelms you totally, else it doesn’t; that’s where it’s friendly, that’s where you have control over and can deal.