FLOAT – Photographed By Bob Pixel & Steve Ababio

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Modeling, Photography
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Red is everything bold; to be clothed in a red gown is twice that feel.

This was a random throwback 5-weeks back, but hey! Pictures are forever.

I happen to have had one of the most exciting Sundays with two of Ghana’s BEST photographers Emmanuel Bobbie of Bob Pixels and Steve Ababio. These men together are like a double dose of anything beneficial to the young artist seeking inspiration to grow learning from Vlogs and seminars.

The location was one of the most beautiful and serene places I’d ever been to in Accra, off the Labadi Road. The lake was peaceful and simply allowed us to had all the fun, still undisturbed.

I’m happy to call these honourable men my friends. Besides their intelligence and wit, they are a lot of fun, and exhibit some high measure of youthful ebullience eventually leaving you… COMFORTABLE.

Take a look at these;










  • Follow Bob Pixel on Instagram HERE

  • Follow Steve Ababio on Instagram HERE

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