Makeup Test Shots By Opal Makeup, Photographed By Steve Ababio

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Modeling, Photography
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On the first day we met, I knew I wanted her to be more than just the MUA to me. I wanted her to be my friend, such a sweet spirited woman.

She’s an amazing person, Baaba. What caught my attention was her desire to better her crafts, and her willingness practically be there and do everything right and legit to be better.

The shoot was a test shoot of Baaba Nkuma Sam (Opal Makeup)’s trial work with me. The first was a subtle with golden glow look, and the second she named Candy Crush.

NB! The photographed are not retouched. Take a look;








Today, on August 29, 2015, Baaba will be organizing a makeup class scheduled to begin at 10am in Accra. This will be my first ever makeup class, and I’m excited to have gained some expertise in makeup by the end of the day. Whoop-Whoop!!






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