Conrad: Honey, do you love me?

Muna: Really??

Conrad: I’m serious… I mean, do you really love me? Have I ever made your heart skip beats? Ever felt a chill run down your spine anytime we were together or intimate or… Or something… I dunno… [Devastated]

Muna: [holds him by the hands smiles in comfort] Relax…

Conrad:.[smiles back but not as convincing] Let’s start from here… Why did you choose to marry me?

Muna: Why all these questions today? Why now?

Conrad: It’s our anniversary tomorrow and I’d been doing some thinking… You know, about us.

Muna: You think long, you think wrong Conrad.

Conrad: You never really called me anything else but my first name yet I call you honey everyday. I know I wasn’t your first love, but I feel deprived of that sweetness in you of which I know you wouldn’t hold back to a man you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

Muna: [Slowly unlocks his hands from hers. As if moving away, he pulls her by the arm and grabs her waist pulling it so close so that it touches his]

[For the first time in several years, she felt a chill run down her spine and a tickling sensation in her abdomen. She was afraid. She was shy. She was for once, not in control]

Conrad: [looks deep into her eyes and saw the glitter. He knew he had her. He was happy. He was confident. He was in control] Honey, listen… I know Sam hurt you real bad. I know you never really loved me like you loved him, maybe never would. But… [Smiles] But you chose me to be your husband and the father of your child. You trusted the rest of your life into my hands. Don’t you think it’ll be equally beneficial to put in more effort into loving me… And making it grow?

Muna: I… I’m

Conrad: [places forefinger on her lips to calmly shut her up] ssshhh… Don’t force it. Stop making it look convenient. What are you afraid of? Loving another so deep that you’d forget about Sam? [Whispers] Let’s make this work… I wanna make this work… I’m overlooking all the pain and hurt you’ve cost me over the years and I’m standing before you tonight, saying, I want you to BE my wife again… I want us to work and be enviable by other couples and your friends… For the sake of our family… Diana… Muna, this is how much I love you. I don’t know how farther I can go.

Muna: Conrad, I… I’m sorry… [Shy. Couldn’t maintain eye contact] I want this to work too

Conrad: look at me

[She’s hesitant]

Muna: Conrad, please… Please stop this [tears filled her eyes]

Conrad: You can’t look at your husband?? You love me, don’t you?? Ok… I’m gonna let go of you at the count of 3… In 3… 2… 1… [Disappointedly let’s go and walks a few steps away in sight when he heard her say it… Surprised.]

Conrad: Say it again…

Muna: I said, honey, I love you. Looks into his eyes… Conrad [tears couldn’t have flown at a better time] Honey, I love you… I love you and I’m sorry for everything

Conrad: sshhh… [Draws face close to hers so she could feel his breath through the pores on her face. Slowly kisses the traces of her tears. She’d never felt this way in years! Description… Truly amazing and right.]

[She closes her eyes as he softly kisses each eye… Then to the tip of her nose… And her lower lip… Her heart felt warmer and faster by the beat… Then slowly and passionately, as if he had never kissed before… as if this was her first kiss…]


Ms. D: I don’t know what to do, AyJay…

Nana Adwoa: We both know what you want to do. Just make the choice. What else do you want, Ms. D? Stop being too conscious. You know you love this guy and he does too

Ms. D: But can’t he wait small

Nana Adwoa: Wait small for what? Ah! [Sighs] Unless you want to be a spinster all your life. Look at Lise, married with a son

Ms. D: Yea… Considering her situation now I bet I should be more conscious if you ask me

Nana Adwoa: Maame… Out on tours with her husband and her children are here enjoying the fruits of her labour. Nanna, we haven’t really heard from her but the last I heard, she was doing amazingly good in London and would be coming down in a few months

Ms. D: [sigh] And Tricia is just everywhere

Nana Adwoa: Yeah!! On TV… Radio… Seminars… Living her dream with her twins. They look amazing. Nana Peasah wants us to renew our vows next month and move to Koforidua where he’s built our new home.

Ms. D: And Muna’s finally found true love in her his and… I get… I get it…

Nana Adwoa: All these men in our lives did give us some hell sometimes, yes. But how far can you stretch them? Everyone has their limits. Make that call now.


[Girls meet up some months later to share their experiences and make up for lost times together]

Muna: Do you girls know that Sam’s still stalking me?

Maame: but this man, we are growing on. Isn’t he updated? He should know what’s up.

Muna: But Conrad’s just being quite about it else he’ll be behind bars. But he can’t hurt us… He loves me too much.

Girls: [laughing their hearts out]

Tricia: I have a surprise for you

Muna: Me?

Tricia: Everyone

[Each girls’ phone beeps]

Maame: Your new book?

Danielle: Is that not my name…

Muna: You wrote about us? I’m in a book? Seriously??

Ms. D: Wow Tricia

Tricia: Ok so here’s the fun part… It’s gonna be on set and would be aired as a movie series soon. I’m producing it with Shirley Frimping Manso

Muna: I’m proud of you, Trish.

[A few minutes later, the waiter brings along a note to Muna]

Muna: Girls.. girls listen to this “I see you are happy now. I don’t envy you at all cos I know someday you’ll return to your first love. I miss you and can’t stop loving you. Still and always watching with kisses… Sam”

[The girls laugh over it and continue their random conversation until scene fades]


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