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Grey eyes are uncommon among Ghanaians, so it’s fair to admire and celebrate one with it, especially when he’s got gifted hands and a remarkable self. Meet Greg, the younger brother of my friend, Gerard.

Social media has made it easier for an individual to feel special on their birthday; different write ups even by ghost friends on our walls, friends changing their Whatsapp DPs to our pictures, uploading photos on Instagram, Banks and Telecommunications Networks wishing us Happy Birthday via SMS… the physical celebration can get boring at times, but thanks to social media, we don’t complain, or do we?

Greg is nice, simply nice. The first time we met, we easily bonded. He understood the puns and sarcasm, he teasingly laughed at the grammatical errors and petty ignorance, we had fun, we always do, just like with his Gerard. I guess blood is thicker after all.

I admire the bond they share as brothers, Gerard and Greg. They’re like an unstoppable force when together, and I feel like the intruder in their midst… well, more often than not. On the average, a brother’s love deteriorates in time, because they each grow to become their own ‘man’, but with these two…

Apparently, well, perhaps unintentionally, Gerard edits most of Greg’s photos in Black & White. If that’s to draw less attention from Greg’s grey eyes, uhmm… I don’t know. Oops… I pray he doesn’t face me on this one. But coming to think of it, that could be it.. hah! Gotcha, Gerard! Hah! Gotcha.

I could write a poem, but that would be cliché. I could sing for him the Happy Birthday song, but one talented female friend would’ve stayed awake to rocked his world at exactly 12am.

JULY BORNS ROCK! They rock even harder when born on July 14, counting down 14 days to my birthday.

Hah! Cool, right?

Happy Birthday, Grey Greg.

Hey, take a look at some photos of Greg, taken by Gerard
















I have been following Aham Ibeleme for a few months on Instagram and Facebook, and not once has it crossed my mind to unfollow him because I got bored of his photography works; I never got bored. It’s his portraits that capture my attention even closer -they bring so much life to still images. Is that not the primary purpose of a portrait?

Black is beautiful, Black is universal, Black is in it’s own way pure; since it cannot get any darker, it’s stains are hidden in it’s nature and the beautification of its strength revealed. Black is strong.

What marveled me about these 3 portraits was that black individuals were shot in Black & White portraits. How detailed can this get?

Besides its Black & White nature and effect, the portraits were taken in their natural and raw states; no make up, no weaves, purely natural, purely black, and beautiful.

The black skin is a beautiful creation to pride in. No amount of toning or bleaching of the skin can change its nature from within. It is strong, it is beautiful, even better in its raw state.

Take a look.




If I say I love black & white but can’t pick one out as a favorite because then one will have power over the other, am I Racist?

Perhaps, the thought of having to choose one over the other, alone, is racist?

What if I chose both? Is it racist for ‘considering’ black & white, having both in my possession when I know I prefer one to the other?
But then to forfeit one for the other will meaning choosing one over the other.

Why is there black & white to begin with?

If black and white exist for clarity sake because grey screams of uncertainty and indecision, why should the concept of black & white be so confusing now? Black and white is grey now?

Wait, black and white makes grey… O! I get it. I get it.


Photograph by Dextdee Photography

I’m here and there with tissue paper under my eyes to soak the tears in case I cry after realizing I was picked by two smart guys.

It happened last night, at Circle, in Accra when I thought, wisely, I’d caught a pickpocket in the act. The victim was obviously unaware, but the thief saw me; I gave him an awkward look. Guess what he said to me, “this is even nothing… Waste of time”. He spoke English, in oversized tattered clothes. Apparently, he got a pack of Mentos Gum with a bundle of keys.

But it was a decoy. I have to admit, that was smart. Impressive. That, on the other hand, made me feel dumb.

Why didn’t I just mind my own business and walk away? I could’ve clearly avoided looking at him and giving him that 5sec awkward look. Did I cause this??

The tissue paper is still dry under my eyes.

Darn! It hurts to lose one’s own item, no matter the magnitude of it.