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You think you are alright because you’ve been that church boy, church girl, all your life and never backslidden out of the church.
You never played the prodigal son; never felt the need to ask God for a little ‘freedom with provision’ to satisfy your curiosity and later come to the realisation of who you really are and where you ought to be.
Yeah, you are alright.

You’ve never gotten drunk because you’ve never been in an environment where you’ve been indirectly influenced to. Perhaps you’ve never tasted the sweetness of some of the hard liquor.
So yeah, you are alright.

You’ve never stolen money because you haven’t been in the position to.
You’re alright like that.

You’ve never fornicated because a charming and irresistible man whom you can never say no to hasn’t approached you yet… he’s not touched you at certain places in certain ways yet.
So yeah! You are alright.

But woe unto you if you point a finger at that prodigal son who’s returned to his father’s house.
Woe unto you if you if you talk behind his back and judge him.
Woe unto you if you call him foolish, because for all we know, you might never return if you were in his shoes and strayed your path.
Perhaps, you would’ve returned but a week late, when your patient loving father who was awaiting your return is a week late.

There, you will know your fate lies with your elder brother; the one who’d always been there with, and for your father.

You cannot be comfortable where you are, because you can still be a church boy, a church girl, yet backslide, in the church, with your fellow saints. Be careful. Just be careful.

He who stands, stands because he is not falling.
He who is standing, remains standing because he can achieve more standing as compared to falling and remaining there.
Even toddlers… even toddlers who haven’t experienced life’s gloom yet, know that when they stand and fall, they have to stand again.

You can never be comfortable. But if you are, if you feel you are alright, think of OTHERS.



03:30am and I just realized that being under the shawl simply denotes PRIVACY; the shawl, NOT being transparent, blocks all other item and activity in the prayer environment.

It’s not about secrecy, it’s respect… It’s humility. Even a shawl being just cloth, unclean, is used to cover the hair (one’s glory) in simply saying, ‘at this moment, I don’t matter and it’s all about you’.
Not forgetting the warmth and embrace of the cloth reminding us that God is always with us, holding us close in his warm embrace whenever we come to him privately.

During this act of intimacy and privacy, say anything you want to, express your sentiments however you want to, but let no one here; need I remind you you blocked every item and activity in your environment?


Have you ever asked yourself why the minister in charge of the service or event requires that those who want to be born again, or rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ, are asked to firstly raise their hands, secondly stand on their feet, then walk forward to the altar, and finally confess their surrender?? Ever wondered the significance of that??

I’m not here to write about how altar call should be done in our churches or at our Christian events. Only that, I find it obligatory to share to the world, some insight.


When the minister tells that man who decided to give his life to Jesus Christ, to RAISE HIS HAND it is an act of surrender and an evidence of that concrete choice just made.

Second, he is required to stand up. In STANDING UP, he comes to the realisation that, his position of comfort isn’t yielding any good fruit. To stand up is to wake up.

After standing up HE MOVES, HE … he moves to the altar, and that’s where he yields to the call. This movement isn’t assisted by ushers or anyone else… Well, not that of which I’ve witnessed so far. He does the walk alone. And within the period of distance from his seat to the altar, he can change his mind… But then he goes… He moves… He gets to the altar.

Lastly, the minister assists him in CONFESSING THIS ACT OF SURRENDER to himself and the rest of the congregation, or crowd.

Everything a Christian does is significant. Right from the moment he accepts to walk with God by giving his life to him, everything little detail is significant; unless God is not in it.

When we come to the realisation that we are first spirit beings, inthat, there’s a higher power we believe we rely on; the supernatural, then our actions and decisions making process wouldn’t be canal based.

When you are asked to raise your hand, stand up, walk to the altar to be prayed for some sort of deliverance, or a rededication of your life to Christ, it is not a waste of time. Yes, the moderator or minister could’ve prayed with you in your seat or might as well ask you to only stand or come straight to the altar, but then he didn’t. It’s not a waste of time. And no, he isn’t mocking you in the presence of everybody.

Salvation is a personal thing. Take it personal. Be selfish about your salvation.

Anything that will come in your way of salvation is a hindrance to your life in eternity and its entirety. You wouldn’t want that, or would you??

If you tend to see everything you do as a step to Heaven, or ‘for heaven sake’, I can bet you’ll make flawless and wise decisions in the eyes of God.

Keep praying. Keep reading. Keep growing. God is still watching. God is still loving YOU.


Why are u expecting the tables to turn if you placed it in
      that position initially? Or you meant to say you didn’t have
      foresight then to tell if it wouldn’t look good in your
      favour today? Ok, let’s just say you didn’t know.

      It saddens my heart when I hear those who expect supernatural
      forces to take over everything they do; “I don’t feel too
      good but God will heal me”… Faith is what every Christian
      lives by, but then God wouldn’t do what man would do and man
      can never do what God would do. Why did He make doctors
      anyway? Let the spirit take care of spiritual matters while
      you take care of your body according to God’s values and

      I am of the belief that change is practically slow yet
      radically evident when the process is completed. Everyone
      undergoes change at a point in their lives preceded by
      natural occurrences, circumstances and environmental
      influence. Change would never change because one thinks he
      can never change. Change would find you and change you,
      unless you are God. 

      When tables turn, the setting of that peculiar environment
      changes. If you need your tables turned, you should equally
      be ready to adjust to change… To a new setting.

      So, for those who are eager and expectant to turn their
      tables, change would find you. That’s how it operates. There
      is always a price to pay. Nothing comes free. Nothing has
      ever been free. The economist will say ‘there is no such
      thing as free lunch’. 

      Maybe you want your tables to turn because your current
      setting isn’t attractive enough. You should equally be ready
      for change. Obviously, some would love your setting and
      others wouldn’t. But in the end, you wanted it and you took
      that step so you needn’t bother if others think your new
      setting is inappropriate, right?

      There is nothing wrong with tables turning to suit your taste
      and preferences. Times change, people change, tastes change
      but its the effect of the change on you primarily that
      matters because at the end of the day, when you stand in
      front of the mirror with your best friend, you look at
      yourself first. 


I am not worshipping if I stand there and cry. I am not worshipping if I just kneel and bow down my head reminiscing all you’ve done, and all you’ve done for me. I am not worshipping if I am lost for words.

I worship when I talk to you and appreciate all you do. I worship when I pronounce your names out loud in awe of you and talk of your greatness to all of mankind. I worship when I don’t wait for the worship leader to lift that known song before I get into ‘the mood’, because to me, my appreciation and uplifting of your name isn’t dependent on that worship leader. I worship because it should be what I do best; for thats what I was made for.

My worship is my talk. Why is my tongue the most powerful tool? Why can it heal? Why can it kill?

So God, I commit my worship into your hands. I pray you direct me into healing rather than killing. I pray the Holy Spirit empowers me when I am lost for words.
Let my worship be acceptable before you.
Let my life be acceptable before you.
Let my worship live in me as in live in it.

There is so much pain in this world. So much distraction from our identity. But we are not ignorant of the fact that a loss of identity is the loss of self. The loss of self is the loss of existence and recognition. I don’t want to lose my recognition or my identity. I am just a passerby on this earth, and from where I come from, all we do is worship a God whose love we cannot even fathom. A God greater than even the word greatness can cover. A God who’s got the earth as his footstool and heavens as his throne. A God who’s got the whole world in His hand.

My worship is me. If I live to worship, then the moment I cease to worship, there’s something dead in me. I don’t want to feel empty. I don’t want to feel dead whiles alive and aware of such a state.
This is me.
This is you.
This is who you are.
Your worship is your life.
Live in worship.
Live and worship.


I have realized some people are, and come into my life strategically; I appreciate God for such timing. But if I equally realize that your presence in my life is affecting growth in any phase of my life, I would cut you off. Sorry if I’m being blank on this issue but my salvation is my priority thus I am my priority… I wanna be selfish like that if that’s what you would call me. Tell me, if both of us take a picture together and watch the image, don’t you look at yourself first, probably to even determine if the picture is cool enough? On other occasions, I bet you’d even crop me out just so you stand out. No hard feelings; I’ve had enough heartache and compromise. I still do care about you but if you care about me too, you would understand me.

If you’re commanded to “love you neighbor as yourself”, then you can’t love your neighbour if you’ve not loved yourself. You see, if ‘charity begins at home’, then charity, love, begins with you.

Only if you’ll understand where I am coming from and see beyond what you’re reading now, you’d understand that JESUS COMING IS HERE… As much as I love you, I wouldn’t want to miss heaven… At all. As I work my salvation, work yours too. I cannot assist you in your journey if I’ve not being there.

We are in terrible times because things seem comfortable and familiar… Jesus Christ is the best thing you can ever have at the moment. It’s just Him or the other(s). You are too special and deserve the best. If you have Jesus, make sure you really do and your relationship with Him is mutual. If you don’t have Jesus, it’s not too late… He’s still here and He loves you just as those who know Him. Plus the interesting part, He would help you in anything and everything so long as you don’t undermine His power and that which He’s given you.




God’s business is serious business. Just as I don’t expect everyone to be serious, so don’t I expect everyone working in God’s vineyard. If you searched yourself and settled that this is where you belong, then you should equally be qualified for this;

Firstly, you should be saved by Grace. You should have understanding that divinely unmerited favour found you and chose you for this. You should have understanding that before you live working in this business, you should’ve died to self and be born in Christ Jesus and live spiritually minded; to live spiritually minded is life. To live spiritually minded is to be understood by the spiritually minded and seem foolish to the carnal mind. To be spiritually minded is to be dead to fleshy gains and pleasures and attuned to spiritual pleasures. Are you qualified?

Secondly, just as a new born baby is eager to talk, walk and even run, so should you, as a newbie in this business be eager to glean and adhere to every law, every knowledge of this business world. Glean like crazy. Glean like you’re the only one to profit… Not forgetting your profit being assured anytime you confess Christ Jesus as the Lord and master of this business and of your life, whiles surrendering your life in totality to Him Alone. Do this, and you’re qualified.

What wouldn’t be tolerated in murmuring, doubts and complaints. Besides being born again, searching and finding God, faith is what you’ll need to walk this path. Without faith, you’re dead. You live by faith in this kind of world. And in this kind of business, we don’t work with corpse but the living; labour is expected to be purely efficient and available. Anything besides that would question your readiness and qualification.

Trust and obey. You don’t need to go to any special agency for our manual or brochures. The Bible is everywhere. It’s on the web, on your app market… download it if you don’t have it, it’s in church… go to church. The Bible contains all you’ll need to live, grow and work in this business. Do you want to be qualified?

Lastly, you are reminded that every employee qualified and chosen for this business is equally qualified for heaven. There would be seasonal allowances of unmerited favour and outstanding miracles that would separate you from the others. When all is said and done, your reward in heaven, where you’ve always fixed your eyes to.

The CEO, the one who made the heavens and you, knows his employees and knows them by name. He will never deny His people, those who worked genuinely for Him. They are Heaven qualified. Are you one? Do you want to be one? It’s not too late.