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It’s 04:23 and I’m thinking, if I had the chance to save your life before you lost it, I will. I’m thinking about you.

The sharp piercings of pain prickles my senses to the core when you think yourself worthless. My heart practically breaks every moment you feel you were never made for this. You were.

You see, I have problems too. The elephant is failure-prone to the ant… yeah! We’re never safe until we feel we are. But you are; you are safe.

I know this because I believe in you. Wait… you thought no one did? [Sigh!]

Did you come unto this earth by freewill? Why would you choose to exit out how you didn’t come? Don’t do that.

You are valuable, your being, I need you. I need you to read this to inspire me… inspire another. I need you to comment on this and tell me you get it, so I know I’m valuable too, only because you are. That’s your value to me now.

If you’d passed me a note telling me you’d want to kill yourself, end it all, I’ll tear the same page of my book, write same, then pass you a note too. Let’s see how that works out for both of us.

You’ve no idea how valuable a treasure you are.



Literally, he’s insane. This is the closest I’ve been to a mad man who hasn’t attempted to attack or scare me within seconds!

It rained all night, and the streets of Accra were flooded, as usual. The World Wide InstaMEET – Ghana was scheduled for this morning, and the team had went ahead of us to the venue -Makola Market. I sat in front of the GCB Bank at Circle, a rendezvous point with PK and Winfred so we set off together. There was when I met the madman; let’s give him a name -John.

John’s been insane and on the streets for long, I could tell from his outfit, mannerism, and his dirty locs (his locs were awesome by the way). He collected a calculated amount of sand, spread them in sections, and swept them off. He’s insane, that man. When he was done, he sat relaxed on the ground, took out a piece of chicken, perhaps the remnants from a bar or food joint the night before, lifted it as if dedicating it to God in praying, for about 5min, then devoured it, mercilessly. He did same to his half filled dirty bottle water before drinking it.

Passersby watched in pity, smiles, awe, some even urged him on with encouraging words, “yo rasta man! You doing good man. Jah bless!” Yet consciously, he responded to each comment by nodding and raising both thumbs. Hmph!

I thought to myself, right next to a man who’s lost his way, were other sane men walking to known destinations on a busy weekend. They are no better than him in any way, only that they are sane. They could get mad in an instance! Perhaps a manifestation of a curse by some angered family member, mental disorder, depression and the like.

I pray for John, and the others who are insane yet off the streets, going about their days like it’s ok.





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      Let’s just pretend I was never there   
      Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear what you said    
      Cos if we’re gonna be real here   
      I could strangle you    
      Till I feel no pulse in your neck   

      Let’s just pretend I wasn’t there   
      Else you wouldn’t wish we ever met   
      Cos you wouldn’t live to regret it   
      You wouldn’t live to feel remorse   
      Not to think of pleading for your errors   
      Wanna know what I would do?   
      Why am I even asking    
      As if you have a say   
      I just shot you in my head   
      Yet you stand there feeling all so    alive    

      Yes… I’m smiling at you   
      But in that smile is a girl   
      Who just took a life   
      Your life   
      So stop living a lie   
      You’re no more alive   

      Look… I don’t hate you    
      It’s just a bit uncomfortable   
      Knowing your existence is a threat  
      To my utterly modest innocence and self   
      No hard feelings
      Wait… You’re dead… Can’t feel it