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Red is everything bold; to be clothed in a red gown is twice that feel. (more…)


Mr. Bobbieh

When I see his works, I often wonder what I do with my life. For a man who defies the law of gravity which states that everything that goes up should come down, lives in his own world and says, “not me, I ain’t coming down when there’s space”. Yes there is space, Mr. Bobbie, a lot of space to soar higher and higher. And up there in space, the moment you go up, you keep going up. That is Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie. That is inspiration.

I’m not a photographer but I am a crazy fanatic. Call me a PHOTOGBEI… I like!!

Today, I honor our own… a great Ghanaian photographer, Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie who’s broken the law of gravity, and inspired me from afar; although I thought it would’ve been way cool if he was born a few days back so we could celebrate our birthdays together 🙂

Thank you Mr. Bobbie… HAPPY BIRTHDAY.