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True, we fear the unknown but are confident with the perceptible, even what others bear witness to. Has it ever crossed your mind that the human race is the only living organism that holds the knowledge of death whiles living; yet we fear this knowledge.

Yeah, death… not something you would want to talk about, is it? I bet the trees don’t know about death until they die, neither does that lake nor the ant freely transporting those bread crumbs, but you do, because you aren’t dead… not yet.

It hurts to lose someone
It hurts to come to terms with the fact that they don’t exist anymore
No more calls
No more pings on Facebook notifications
No more smiles and complements
Simply, dead
Just like that… dead

All we’re left with are memories that stir up our emotions and the longing to see them one more time.
God please, one more time… just this once.

Death is wicked, I don’t like him. He makes me feel everything I don’t want to feel.

Edward, I just heard you passed on. I’m glad you’re relieved of the pain your body suffered but I miss you, okay?

The last time we spoke, I happened to mention how I’d started writing professionally and was earning incomes. I asked you not to tell, and you said “deal! That’s our little known secret”. Then you went on to tell me how you’d wanted us to write together. The plan? You said “let us write about how the year has treated us. Your perspective, then mine”.

Well, here is mine:

Amazing year, rough lessons, tough love, change; that’s how this year’s treated me, particularly change. This year, my imperfections perfected my being, surprisingly they revealed a part of me I consciously hid from myself. Little did I know that those imperfections were that which will eventually cause me to grow and be wise. I’ve laughed a lot, cried too many, even lost myself. It will be alright in the end, I say, yeah, I know… we all know that if it’s not alright, it’s not the end. But in all this, I’ve lived; I’ve stepped out of bed every morning with both bare feet kissing this cold ground. For this, I am grateful, to an intangible Supremacy I honour everyday. My name is Miz Akwele and I’ve had an amazing year with rough lessons, tough love, and change.


This is your cue, Edward.

Edward? Tell us, how has this year been for you… Edward, c’mon don’t be silent.



Edward, say something.

I’ll miss you, Edward Oteng Maafo. We’ll meet again, this time, without your glasses and I promise not to mention how small and Asian your eyes look without them.

Rest, my friend, rest.


You’re smart until they get familiar
Everything else looks same
Same face
Unsettling weight
Even compliments fade

You’re the one who got familiar
Because I changed, I’m not always the same
PMS boobs now like the regular
Purchased another for when it’s period
But you… You got familiar

No more compliments, that I can deal with
But to compare me with her, dude, you’re tripping
Wait till we start talking less
Wait till you get familiar with her
Then you’ll know I didn’t get less smart
You got familiar


What I find most attractive is intelligence -the mind. What I find rather intriguing is my mind and my kind of weird syncing with another’s. And for a single woman, it’s rather natural to be easily fall for a man whose mind sync with mine.
We happened to have met for the first time about a week ago at the photo exhibition at Alliance Française. After planning to meet up on his birthday this week, perhaps things went in my favour so we met up earlier. I was excited to meet him, truly. Him, I couldn’t tell.

It was fun, he was calm, cool, and a whole lot of cool, only that he was on his phone about 85% of the time; perhaps because I wasn’t the only one around.

After we parted, we didn’t contacted each other till yesterday when I reached out, only to receive the feedback that each of us was expecting the other to reach out first. Well, that’s just awkward.

I like him, it’s simply that. His birthday is this Sunday and I’m still meeting him anyway. I can’t tell if we’ll be meeting after then, but umm… yeah!

Take a look at our selfie series from the other day.









If I was your woman, on Saturday night, I’ll make the meal of your choice and spoil you with a few sweets. FanYogo, you like that thing… I’ll give you that thing!

Tell me about your day. How was the engagement party in Accra? The wedding you couldn’t attend because of that engagement party? Tell me the bits that got you peeved, and the pretty things that got you smiling. I’ll smile with you, as I watch you talk, I enjoy watching you talk.

Nothing strenuous on a Saturday night, we’ve got 6 other nights in our favour. I see you’re exhausted already; your eyes are heavy and feet look a bit swollen. You’ve got some work to do too, I know, so I’ll just be here with you till those heavy charming eyes close.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba


I told you once
I told you that I liked you
But you looked at me and smiled
There I understood I was in it, alone


But I couldn’t stop liking
I didn’t expect you to like me back
I wanted it
But you wanted less


Then I told you again
Over a year of giving you less
I told you I still liked you
Didn’t rehearse for what you’d say next


No, nothing has changed
I’m used to loving alone
But you said same
You said you liked me too


I love that we’re not awkward
We wouldn’t have been here
I wouldn’t have experienced your awesome
I wouldn’t have liked you more


It’s the little things you do that get me smiling in your absence
The way you laugh raising your eyebrows in excitement
The way you get my sarcasm and deal with my kind of silly
I like you like that


I’m still here
My sentiments remain the same
You heard me then
Now you see me


Photography: Nii Odzenma  – Facebook [Nii Odzenma Nfoningraphy]
Model: Miz Akwele


Albert Smith Jnr is such an interesting character. How many years and counting? And i still don’t know how he puts up with my weirdness and ugly nature. Smart, intelligent, God fearing, wise [often wise] ;D sarcastic, and a sweet sense of humour. That’s a total package to befriend. He’s a gentleman too, highly.

I forgive him for not inviting me to his wedding. Couples forget to invite close friends to their wedding sometimes, especially when they get swamped up in planning for a perfect ceremony… yeah [sigh]

He’s my personal pharmacist. I used to tell him about every medical condition, and most often than not, I need not go directly to the hospital. Supportive in my growth and shaping me to non-judgmental, fun, and a good girl, Mr. Smith owns certain traits that gets my eyes rolling before i realize they are:

  • sometimes when hugging him, ‘that is a TM Lewin, don’t mess it up with your makeup’
  • when i deliberately step on his shoes, he jokingly reacts, ‘my friend… my friend… my friend! Do you know which designer this is?’
  • he can’t stop saying ‘oh I see’ ‘I hear you’, and knowing precisely those bits are my pet peeves, he deliberately says them during conversations

I am aware I cannot send random chats to him anytime I choose to, and that makes me sad. I miss talking to him anytime, sleeping off during a chat and having to apologize when I wake up. I mean, he’s hooked for life now, there has to be a limit somehow.

He used to call me Kiddo and I’ll call him 30 because he remained 30 to me when he turned 30 a couple of years back. I’m no longer a Kiddo [I pray he doesn’t revive this name after reading this].

Although 30 holds certain other behaviours that make me want to punch him in the face, he is an amazing person, and amazing friend, and i miss our friendship. It was fun, it was spontaneous, adventurous too.

At the moment, there is just so much I can reminisce on… so much I could smile about, but this is just to say ‘I miss you’.

I passed by through the mini mart in my hood tonight and smelled you on a certain cute gentleman. I told him he smelled like you and he took my number ;D



No one but I call him Henry. It’s fun to spontaneously do little things that leave memorable marks with friends. It spices up the relationship and makes them somewhat special.

The first day I met Vincent, Henry, he had a striking resemblance to another friend, Henry, who also happens to be a photographer. I was flummoxed by the resemblance so much that I kept calling him Henry until he got irritated and realized I wouldn’t stop calling him by that name. “You won’t stop calling me Henry, will you?”


Our friendship isn’t the closest but is that kind of friendship that would never die. I can rely on Henry for constructive criticisms and realistic discussions. We discuss food too.

Henry, I haven’t forgotten about the food date we planned last year. We’ve both gotten busy over the few months but it will definitely happen within the first quarter of 2015. Hit me up when you read this; let’s plan.