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Grey eyes are uncommon among Ghanaians, so it’s fair to admire and celebrate one with it, especially when he’s got gifted hands and a remarkable self. Meet Greg, the younger brother of my friend, Gerard.

Social media has made it easier for an individual to feel special on their birthday; different write ups even by ghost friends on our walls, friends changing their Whatsapp DPs to our pictures, uploading photos on Instagram, Banks and Telecommunications Networks wishing us Happy Birthday via SMS… the physical celebration can get boring at times, but thanks to social media, we don’t complain, or do we?

Greg is nice, simply nice. The first time we met, we easily bonded. He understood the puns and sarcasm, he teasingly laughed at the grammatical errors and petty ignorance, we had fun, we always do, just like with his Gerard. I guess blood is thicker after all.

I admire the bond they share as brothers, Gerard and Greg. They’re like an unstoppable force when together, and I feel like the intruder in their midst… well, more often than not. On the average, a brother’s love deteriorates in time, because they each grow to become their own ‘man’, but with these two…

Apparently, well, perhaps unintentionally, Gerard edits most of Greg’s photos in Black & White. If that’s to draw less attention from Greg’s grey eyes, uhmm… I don’t know. Oops… I pray he doesn’t face me on this one. But coming to think of it, that could be it.. hah! Gotcha, Gerard! Hah! Gotcha.

I could write a poem, but that would be cliché. I could sing for him the Happy Birthday song, but one talented female friend would’ve stayed awake to rocked his world at exactly 12am.

JULY BORNS ROCK! They rock even harder when born on July 14, counting down 14 days to my birthday.

Hah! Cool, right?

Happy Birthday, Grey Greg.

Hey, take a look at some photos of Greg, taken by Gerard
















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Everyone loves to sleep; as much as it’s relieving and peaceful, none wants to be stuck in their sleep. Or maybe you do, because I don’t. Forget about the content of the sleep… The dream… No. I’m talking about sleep itself. If sleep is peaceful, question here is, why don’t we wanna be stuck in a place where we don’t feel the pressure from the world and the whole package of issues of a simply complicated life?

In reality, in the now, you’re aware that another man’s issues are weightier than yours; same as the next weightier than that man’s. Even animals have their own threats. Think of any animal without threats… The elephant in his bigness even has to fight off flies.

Life seems interesting by the day to me; probably you’ve not been observant enough. God surely does have a way of spicing things up with different recipies yet the product always comes out perfect and just beautiful.

After a hard day’s work, everyone wants a peaceful sleep… A sound sleep. It gets really annoying when your dream is a nightmare or involves running when chased by some horrible creatures, or probably being involved in a fight throughout your dream. Instead of waking up refreshened and energetic, you wake up tired and sometimes, angry. That requires putting in more effort in making sure the day goes well at school or at work.

Scientists say your growth hormones work in your sleep. Everyone wants to move. Everyone wants to grow. Here in Africa, specifically Ghana, we’re generally less appreciative of slim indegenous people (especially slim ladies). You see, here in this part of Africa, we appreciate food and sleep, so when you look slim, we have the impression that it’s either you’re starving deliberately in preparing yourself to be a model, or you’re just troubled. You see, you eat as much as you can, but without a sound mind, all the food is useless in aiding your growth.

God knew exactly what we needed when he said in 2nd Timothy 1:7 that he hasn’t given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. You don’t need to have a level of smartness to see that you can’t live without love, power and a sound mind. Take one element out and your life is a total mess.

A friend told me a short story of how he started having sound sleeps, inthat previously, his dreams were disturbing and affected him during the day. A few days later, a dream I understood him better. Cwesi Oteng’s song “GodDey Bless (Speak Those Things)” inspires me greatly. Your tongue is who you are and can be recognized even in the dark. Your tongue is that powerful. Whatever you speak is either life or death; understand that, or forget you just read that.
The interesting thing in speaking positive things is, you’re expectant of a positive result.

To some of us, your wishes at night such as “sweet dreams”, “sleep tight”, “sleep sweet”, doesn’t help in the case where we just want SOUND SLEEP. You see, you don’t know my definition of ‘sweet dreams’, so I’ll prefer you just say “sound sleep”.

To the boy in High School (Boys School) whose sleep is disturbed with wet dreams… SOUND SLEEP.
To the parent who’s hit in the face with all forms of bills and cannot meet standards of the society… SOUND SLEEP.
To the student who’s confused in class yet has a test the day after… SOUND SLEEP.
To you who wakes up at night because you can’t sleep so you log in to facebook to read your timelines or random blogs… SOUND SLEEP.

Sleep sound. Sleep like the baby. Peaceful… Thoughtless… Yet not waking up with screams and cries.