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exam 1

So the lecturer conducts a 20 min 20 questions mid-semester exam. After sharing the exam papers, she says “START WORK” and about 80% of the class have their eyes fixed on their sheet and writing. What are they writing?

I remember someone asking for an extra paper, and it got me the more disturbed; was I the only confused student in the exam hall? Oh yeah, that Evening Student behind me was stunned too, and that tall girl I studied with a few minutes before the paper wasn’t writing as well; I don’t remember her name but she mentioned she lived in Lapaz. The next moment, I found myself looking at the lecturer, and she smiled, a seemingly evil smile.

Was I on track? Have I failed even before the exam ended?

After 20 minutes, “STOP WORK… NO MOVEMENTS”, but as if they didn’t hear, the murmuring was louder than intended. “Give me 2 minutes of your time, class”, she screamed in repetition so all will hear.

To listen or not to listen? Pfft!

“Did you read the instructions on the paper before answering the questions?”, she asks. My face lightened up as if the sun drew it’s energy from it.


“The instructions on the sheets were, and I read”, she takes one of the exam sheets and reads out “DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW… Have a nice day class. See you next week”.

That smile again, she wore it with such flawless pride and walked past my seat to exit the class.