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You think you are alright because you’ve been that church boy, church girl, all your life and never backslidden out of the church.
You never played the prodigal son; never felt the need to ask God for a little ‘freedom with provision’ to satisfy your curiosity and later come to the realisation of who you really are and where you ought to be.
Yeah, you are alright.

You’ve never gotten drunk because you’ve never been in an environment where you’ve been indirectly influenced to. Perhaps you’ve never tasted the sweetness of some of the hard liquor.
So yeah, you are alright.

You’ve never stolen money because you haven’t been in the position to.
You’re alright like that.

You’ve never fornicated because a charming and irresistible man whom you can never say no to hasn’t approached you yet… he’s not touched you at certain places in certain ways yet.
So yeah! You are alright.

But woe unto you if you point a finger at that prodigal son who’s returned to his father’s house.
Woe unto you if you if you talk behind his back and judge him.
Woe unto you if you call him foolish, because for all we know, you might never return if you were in his shoes and strayed your path.
Perhaps, you would’ve returned but a week late, when your patient loving father who was awaiting your return is a week late.

There, you will know your fate lies with your elder brother; the one who’d always been there with, and for your father.

You cannot be comfortable where you are, because you can still be a church boy, a church girl, yet backslide, in the church, with your fellow saints. Be careful. Just be careful.

He who stands, stands because he is not falling.
He who is standing, remains standing because he can achieve more standing as compared to falling and remaining there.
Even toddlers… even toddlers who haven’t experienced life’s gloom yet, know that when they stand and fall, they have to stand again.

You can never be comfortable. But if you are, if you feel you are alright, think of OTHERS.



“I am the Lord your God… You shall have no other gods before or besides me”, Exodus 20:3 Amp

It’s easier said practicing what you preach than practicing what you preach. This confirms our human make up; imperfection.
Unlike suggestions, commandments are strict with no ‘but’ or consideration of any sort. When a mother commands her little  child to come, he doesn’t ask why. Commandments attract Obedience; commandments precede obedience. Commandments are not made to be considered; commandments demand actions. It’s either you obey or disobey. And be warned: disobedience to God’s law leads to witchcraft and is evil in itself (you don’t need to fly to qualify to be a witch) thus whatever is evil is that which is against the Word of God and his laws.

Why is this the first commandment? Often what we put first is what’s foremost and most important. Gods are not only idols. Anything you give reverence, importance and priority to is a god. Your job, school, family, friends, money, social network, games etc. The gods do exist, acknowledge them. It’s the first step to obeying God’s Laws. But as to if they are put before or besides God is where the conflict is.

“you shall have no other gods before or besides me”…
You shall not wake up and read text messages and check notifications before your normal routine of morning devotion… (“other gods before me”)
You shall not discuss and write each other notes whiles the preacher is delivering a sermon… (“other gods besides me”)
You shall not spend some of your earnings before giving me MY share on Sunday… (“other gods before me”)
You shall not worry about your present state whiles waiting on me…(“other gods besides me”)

Listen, God isn’t the son of man that he should change his mind, neither a man that he should lie. He has lifted His Word above his name. If his Word says YOU SHALL NOT yet his name is Lord and Father who is forgiving and loving, know that he truly has lifted his word above his name. You don’t need to understand God. Why would you want to understand an infinite being? He gives you breath and takes care of you so do what you have to to get that cycle running. Just obey his word. His Word is what you live for. It’s what you believe. It’s the path you chose to walk on, so just do it.

Just like the Olympics, there are rules to every game. Whoever ever wins is acknowledged the winner. But he who gets the medal did not flaut any rule. I believe for the Christian, the only medal is that of Gold… It’s either that or you joined the game, trained all those years for nothing. Win or lose? Someone has to win for another to lose. Choose your path and obey the rules.

Did you ever see for yourself those miracles Jesus performed and the marvelous things his disciples did? What if they were not all that true? What if our forefathers just wanted to give us something to believe in and to live for? Yet you chose to believe it. You chose to believe in the works that seem foolish to all men and breaks all natural laws.

You chose Jesus. You chose God. Now, here’s his command, it came with the package of salvation. Take it, and work out your OWN salvation. On that day, you will account for yourself; not with your friend, nor your brother, nor your wife or husband. Yourself!