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As much as most of us read only the headlines, some of us take every detail.

CNN, Nairobi is NOT in Nigeria.

The massacre in Kenya and the threat by Al-Shabab to Uganda is hitting Africa to the core of every wound. This is not the time for us to start worrying about misplaced information on an international reliable news channel, no.

I pray for Kenya.
I pray for Uganda.
I pray for Africa.



Lord Jesus, please save Kenya, I pray
This is disheartening, what is happening
If you could stop time, do
If you could deliver them all, do
Because Africa is in so much pain

Her children are being slaughtered in her sight
As she watches them breathe their last breath in unanswered questions in their eyes
‘What did I do?’

Open up this bloody ground and let then drown in it
Let them fall into their own pits when they dig it
Let them drink their own blood for our ground doesn’t need any more
Don’t let them go free
Every one of them and their household

My heart is saddened
This is disheartening
But God, you see it all
If this is your second coming
Come and save us all