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I’m lousy with makeup, at least not until this past weekend at Opal Makeup Class. I entered with virtually no makeup gadgets yet left feeling like a pro. Truth is, this class was informative. (more…)



The proliferation of fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, models and photographers has been on a rather quick rise and thriving in the fashion and style industry. Nothing seems to be overrated neither is anything underrated; your style is your own.


So here’s the story; I raided some models’ shoot.  .. oops.

On Sunday, after church, I got an aunt to style my hair the traditional way since I’ll have a busy week and less time for my hair. Threading, that’s what it’s called.

I paid a visit to Sela, who’s a friend and a photographer (I’d postponed our meet up long enough). Apparently, they were wrapping up a shoot, waiting for the last model to show up. The makeup artist, Kirky, asked if I’d wanted some makeup… why not??! So I told her just how I wanted it, and she slayed!

I am a Ga woman. My tribe is known for their fierceness, aggressiveness, high-spirit and ‘Ganess’ (that’s if there’s any word as such). One thing I admire about my tribe is, we enjoy patronising our culture. My hairstyle is called ‘Akwele Waobii’ translated as Akwele’s Fingers. So technically, this hairstyle is meant for me.

It’s always fun, engaging in an unplanned shoot. I’ll share the professional photographs with you when I get hold of them, but for now, take a look at these selfies.







Belinda [right], Karen [middle], Miz Akwele [left]

Belinda [right], Karen [middle], Miz Akwele [left]

The shoot was 2 days ago, Friday April 17, with Duke of FocusGh Photography.

We were 5 models, worked on by one Makeup Artist (MUA) –Maa Abyna Arthur – Belinda, Karen, Lina, Sandra and myself. Although scheduled to begin at 8.30am, the makeup started at about 10am and the shoot ended at approximately 4.50pm.

Maa Abyna bonded with us easily, maybe because we’d done a similar shoot days back, but I think she holds a friendly personality and has amazing people skills. Her craft delivery is swift, precise, and careful. She seems to know exactly what she wants from the beginning, and that’s pretty much impressive.

It was fun; we felt at home, literally, in the photographer’s home. Here are a few photos shot with our phones. I’ll share the original photos from the shoot when they’re ready.



Karen, Lina, Belinda, Miz Akwele

Karen, Lina, Belinda, Miz Akwele









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       Julie [left], Miz Akwele [right]  Makeup Beauty Shoot For Glow With Maj

After the MUA Trials a few weeks ago towards the makeup beauty shoot for GlowWithMaj, the shoot finally came off and it was fun. I enjoyed every bit of being dolled up in the face.

My views on Glow With Maj – Although M’adjoa is new in the game, her zeal and passion for the craft will shoot her up the ladder sooner than she anticipates, only if she’ll remain humble and true to her game.

Here are a few photos from the 1st phase of the shoot. I’ll be sharing the other phase with you soon, perhaps in a week.


Miz Akwele-4

Makeup Beauty Shoot For Glow With Maj Miz Akwele-5Miz Akwele-2

Photography: TheLordseye Divinity Images

MUA Trials

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Trial make-up by M'adjoa

You don’t have to wear make-up everyday. Make-up is an art, and art is beautiful. Obviously, not everyone can master that art.

There are countless MUAs (Make-up Artists) on the block today. Equally, they are uncountable photographers. But that isn’t a bad thing, is it?

M’adjoa is a new MUA who I’ll be modelling for the next weekend; she called for a trial session this afternoon and it was fun.

I admire her humility and zeal for perfection. ‘oh no! The other eyebrow looks bigger’, hahaha that was funny. You should’ve seen her gesture when she said that. Despite how she feels about how work, she’s primarily concerned about how I feel in her work as well. She kept asking, ‘do you feel ok?’ ‘are you comfortable in it?’

I don’t know too many MUAs in Ghana, but I love the works of Hamid Vijay, Lawrencia Owusu, and Hajia Alfa, and I’m excited about M’adjoa‘s passion already. I can’t wait for the shoot next Saturday.