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I’m lousy with makeup, at least not until this past weekend at Opal Makeup Class. I entered with virtually no makeup gadgets yet left feeling like a pro. Truth is, this class was informative. (more…)



On the first day we met, I knew I wanted her to be more than just the MUA to me. I wanted her to be my friend, such a sweet spirited woman. (more…)

MUA Trials

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Trial make-up by M'adjoa

You don’t have to wear make-up everyday. Make-up is an art, and art is beautiful. Obviously, not everyone can master that art.

There are countless MUAs (Make-up Artists) on the block today. Equally, they are uncountable photographers. But that isn’t a bad thing, is it?

M’adjoa is a new MUA who I’ll be modelling for the next weekend; she called for a trial session this afternoon and it was fun.

I admire her humility and zeal for perfection. ‘oh no! The other eyebrow looks bigger’, hahaha that was funny. You should’ve seen her gesture when she said that. Despite how she feels about how work, she’s primarily concerned about how I feel in her work as well. She kept asking, ‘do you feel ok?’ ‘are you comfortable in it?’

I don’t know too many MUAs in Ghana, but I love the works of Hamid Vijay, Lawrencia Owusu, and Hajia Alfa, and I’m excited about M’adjoa‘s passion already. I can’t wait for the shoot next Saturday.