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It’s been an unusually exhausting day, but before I finally retire to bed, I’m sharing something significant about today, because I promised.

So, after spending the entire day to cleanup my dusty apartment, I just remembered tomorrow is his birthday.

[coy smiles]

Snap that.

I’m half asleep; I’ve been writing this for probably half an hour, because I doze off at certain points.

I’ll end here before I write gibberish.

[WonderingWhat should I get him as a birthday gift?]


Something significant happens within 24hrs. If not significant, then interesting, if not, then an extreme of the other.

Nevertheless, there’s enough drama and pretty interesting encounters in my life; here’s an invitation to be a part of, experience, and share your thoughts and sentiments.

From October 1st, 2014, this blog name is officially ’24 and On…’ and effective again.


My name is Miz Akwele.