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Red is everything bold; to be clothed in a red gown is twice that feel. (more…)


Certain photographers are of the view that, photographs like portraits that contain artistic and fine makeup do not necessarily require retouching. Some are also of the view that, retouching enhances the beauty of certain portraits and photographs in general.

There are artists and photographers who are particularly skilled in this expertise; photoshop and retouching. Ghanaian photographer and retoucher Joseph Carlyle Amoateng of Phloshop LLC brings to you a 1-day photography and photoshop workshop this September, captioned “PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOSHOP WORKSHOP: The beginner’s guide to Retouching“.

Here is a look at the press release;

 It doesn’t matter how great a photographer you are, nearly every photograph can benefit from retouching, whether it’s to correct colour problems or make major changes to the subject or background.

Phloshop LLC is organizing a photography and retouching workshop for beginners and professionals. This workshop is a day’s immersion into Photography and Retouching designed specifically for photographers who are interested in learning the basics of lighting and executing beauty photo retouch for both commercial assignments or personal projects. As well as how to take their own photography to the next level with professional retouching techniques.

Photographers and designers will benefit from learning systematic professional routines taught in this workshop. You’ll also be challenged to identify retouching mistakes or faults, tackle makeup problems and dozens of photoshop correction features to help turn average portraits into stunners.


  •  Contact +233 268780780 (whatsapp only)
  •  +233 207385899 (voice calls only)
  •  Email:
  •  Connect with Phloshop on Instagram @phloshop

NB: Date to be communicated soon.


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They call me ‘Night Rider’ because I work at night and I’m not afraid of anything! Sister, if I tell you the things I’ve seen and battled whiles driving at night, you will marvel. But I am not afraid of anything… Odeshi! Uhuh… that’s me, Night Rider.

Growing up, I watched African movies that involved drivers stumbling upon atrocious encounters with armed robbers and ghosts. Talk of superstition, it’s more alive than it was before. Whoever told you superstition is fading as a result of Western cultures, deceived you. I’d rather say it looks refined now.

Night Rider refused to tell me his actual name, but his nickname is cool enough, isn’t it?

As his name, he’s had quite unspeakable encounters, but he shared a few with me in the Twi language, of which I translated to English.

My friends praise me for my courageous acts, that’s how the name Night Rider got stuck on their tongues. It is no bragging matter, it is just who I am. I picked up one doctor from Kasoa to Teshie Tsui-Bleo one night. On our way, he started talking gibberish, so I asked him if he was okay, but he only told me to keep driving. About 10min later, he started speaking Ga, I stayed at La for over 15-years so I understand Ga quite well; he kept repeating these lines, “God, please forgive me, I can never give my mother to them… I can never give my mother to them… God please forgive me, I can never give my mother to them… I can never give my mother to them. She’d sacrificed too much, I can never give my mother to them”

All I could think of was ‘this man had gone in for Sakawa (blood money)’. I asked him again if he’s alright, and he told me he was going to tell his wife everything that night, but then could ‘never give his mother to them’. When I asked who he was referring to, he said, ‘I deserve to die, not my mother. But I am her only son, O! What have I done?! It was just once, they told me it was just once. O! What have I done?!’ So I asked him to confide in me since I was just a driver whom he’ll hardly see anyway. Just when he started to talk, he begun to cough. Sister, he coughed so hard we couldn’t calm it down. Hmph!  I parked to get some water from the nearest store, but anytime he drank some, he’d throw up with traces of blood. That was when I stopped to rush him home.

Long story short, his friend introduced him to a ‘Lodge’ when life hit him hard. He needed the money so he said, and had to ‘pay the price’ but this. This peculiar price demanded him to sacrifice his mother to reverse his impotence; same thing they took away from him on the first day. He left some documents with me and requested that I visited his house the day after to deliver them to his wife so they believe his story. The next day, I went there as agreed, and guess what, he was gone… dead!


A few days ago, at about 2am, I picked up a young woman who’s dressed like a prostitute, around Cantonments. She was a prostitute, actually. How did I know? She was on a call and I happen to eavesdrop. She talked about how smelly her client was and how she’d wasted her time pleasuring a pot-bellied man with a teeny-weeny thingy who passed out into sleep right after he’d ejaculated. She complained of how he’d drool and snore, and how she hated to deal with such uncertainties every weekend, but the money was good.

You cannot judge a book by its cover, they say, but you can by its prologue, obviously. Whatever the case, you’d have to look further than what you see, that is when you actually see.

For a man who saves lives everyday yet dying by the day, who would have thought he was killing aside saving? For the woman who’s selling her body, you’d never know her story till you ask. She wouldn’t be complaining if she loved her job, or would she?

We are all one,  so it makes no sense to point fingers and judge. Encourage someone when you can, and help if you can. My dear, what’s your name?


Ei! A true Ga woman. I like your hair. Natural lady eh? Nice. I’ll give you my number; call me anytime you need a taxi at night. Night Rider, don’t forget the name.

Who would?





If you were tickled with some ice cubes on your bare skin, what would be your immediate reaction? I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty ecstatic. (more…)

He is one of the few my mind syncs with. Befriending a notable Ghanaian in the arts industry has been, so far, one of the most amazing things I’ve done.

Steve Ababio is down to earth, real, intelligent, smart, God-fearing, and older than I am. Hah!

About a week ago, I paid him a visit at his residence; it’s serene and peaceful, especially when there is electricity and mosquitoes aren’t obsessing over your skin at about 4pm in the garden.

Here is the story behind the yellow bench – a short story; “you are not a certified model until take a shot on the yellow bench”.

So now tell me, how did I do?














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Belinda [right], Karen [middle], Miz Akwele [left]

Belinda [right], Karen [middle], Miz Akwele [left]

The shoot was 2 days ago, Friday April 17, with Duke of FocusGh Photography.

We were 5 models, worked on by one Makeup Artist (MUA) –Maa Abyna Arthur – Belinda, Karen, Lina, Sandra and myself. Although scheduled to begin at 8.30am, the makeup started at about 10am and the shoot ended at approximately 4.50pm.

Maa Abyna bonded with us easily, maybe because we’d done a similar shoot days back, but I think she holds a friendly personality and has amazing people skills. Her craft delivery is swift, precise, and careful. She seems to know exactly what she wants from the beginning, and that’s pretty much impressive.

It was fun; we felt at home, literally, in the photographer’s home. Here are a few photos shot with our phones. I’ll share the original photos from the shoot when they’re ready.



Karen, Lina, Belinda, Miz Akwele

Karen, Lina, Belinda, Miz Akwele









 Facebook: Miz Akwele

Instagram: Miz Akwele


Clay Visuals has an exciting thing going on and I was thrilled to be a part of it. The proliferation of photographers producing portraits with different niches, but that’s alright… impressive too.

Matthews, a team member, contacted me and proposed to do headshots with facial expressions. The project simply had the head shot out of the original headshot, literally, against a coloured background, with a text across the face describing the model’s facial expression.

Check out his previous work tagged ‘Happy’


Here are a few BTS photos with the photographer. It was fun and swift.





Photography: Clay Visuals [Instagram]



If I was your woman, on Sunday night, I’ll offer something you’ll like. It’s been a quiet day, I know. Just something to raise your adrenalin and make you smile till your ears hurt. You’ll like it, I know.

I’d love that I sit by you in church as we worship side by side. I’d love that we discuss scripture, and your wisdom, it’s impeccable. One thing I never told you, that impresses me is your reverence for Sunday naps after church; here I was thinking I’m alone in my kind of weird, but hey, that’s so darn impressive!

Later tonight, I’ll play you a sweet sound, a beat from me to you in appreciation of the one who made my heart beat for you. Tell me if you like it, and whichever way you’d want it, again.

Photography: DextDee Photography
Model: Bathsheba 


I couldn’t let this one pass by!

The Makola Market was the perfect venue for the Photo Walk -endless photo opportunities, natural and raw moments to document. It’s the biggest market in the capital where any product can be purchased. From foods to clothes and variety of people. No! People can’t be purchased. Hah! There are variety of people, mostly the locals – the Ga people. The Ga people are known for their exuberant, funny, plain and aggressive nature. I had my share of awesomeness meeting up with Instagram friends in my country and taking photos together.

It was hot, the weather, extremely hot, maybe because it’d rained heavily the night before. That being said, the experience was overwhelming enough. Most of the market women demanded we pay them for taking photos of their products and of them since they thought we’ll be making money out of it. We practically had to explain to every one of them what we were about, after which  they were warming towards us.

I wish we could’ve spent the whole day together, but weekends are as busy as weekdays in Ghana; funerals, weddings, seminars…

Although social media is basically a virtual life of networking and sharing, aside it’s negative attributes, some initiators have taken steps ahead to making it real, beyond the keyboards and screens, to meet ups and events like these. Instagram is doing an amazing job. Today,  Instagram wasn’t on my phone’s screen but right in front of me.


Watch the video here































My Friday went better than I thought it would, at least the earlier part of the day did.

A meeting of available bloggers in Ghana and social media enthusiasts at Ghana ‘ premiere University, University of Ghana (UG), Legon. Tagged ‘Social Media Storm’, the Blog Camp 2015 team powered by Blogging Ghana, scheduled the event withing 10am-4pm. Well, we ended before 3pm at the advantage of every participant, exhausting the programme schedule.

● Photo Walk
● Tweet-up discussion
● Blog Marathon

My colleague, Edmund, took charge of the Photo Walk leading us through a couple of Halls on the campus, taking photos in designed uniform T-shirts, and primarily having curious eyes ask what we’re about.

I on the other hand, handled the tweet-up discussion assisted by another colleague well vexed and familiar with social media influence -Ekow. I chose #thedress as the centre of discussion, primarily how trends can influence social media and capture an audience globally; the class was divided into 2… 3 actually.  A part saw blue and black, the other saw white and gold, and one interesting man saw sea-blue and brown! Wow.
It was fun, educative, and informative.

Before I show you the photos, lastly, Efo Dela, a well known Ghanaian blogger and social media enthusiasts, led the Blog Marathon session, teaching us how to create, handle and influence personal blogs and mini blogs like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for good! His presentation was point on.

At the moment, we, Blog Camp 2015 team powered by BloggingGhana, is preparing for its annual Bloggers’ Awards Night on April 14th this year. Now that, I cannot wait for.

I took these shots with my newest babe -Samsung Galaxy E5. I love my newest babe… haha!!


































Efo Dela (left), Miz Akwele (center) and Ekow (right)

I’m glad to have shared my day’s adventure with with you. I had a great time. I should do this more often.